10 Reasons Not To Buy A Center Console Boat (Voted By The Owners!)

Center console boats are one of the most popular boats we have in the market today. As trendy as they are, they are not perfect as voted by owners. The center console boats have some downsides that you ought to know before deciding to invest in one.

Let’s start with its price. Center consoles are one of the most expensive boats there are on the market. They are not the go-to option if you are looking for an affordable vessel. Center consoles do not encourage social interactions on board, given their design. Also, they are limited to fishing activities and not the best for various other water activities.

Continue reading to get an in-depth view and explanation of the many reasons not to buy a center console boat as voted by the users.

What Are The Main Reasons Not To Buy a Center Console Boat?

Center consoles have indeed made a spot in the marine industry. They are not only trendy but also one of the best and highly recommended boats for anglers. These boats have a unique design featuring deep V-hulls that offer a smooth ride for ocean fishing. They are also equipped with multiple engines that ensure you get to your destination in no time. And finally, the open decks offer you plenty of room for use while fishing.

10 Reasons Not To Buy A Center Console Boat (Voted By The Owners!)

However, we all know that every boat is a compromise. And since it is always better to have this kind of information from the horses’ mouth, the owners voted all the reasons. And before you take the next step and make a significant investment, below are some reasons not to buy a center console boat.

1. Its Design Is Not Favorable For Social Interaction

Typically, the console boat features a console that tends to split the seats available, making social interactions almost impossible. Moreover, it is equipped with more than one engine, which is very loud; you cannot comfortably carry out a conversation while on a center console.

Arguably, one of the main reasons people opt to purchase a boat is having fun with people and enjoying cruising to their destination amid lively conversations. Unfortunately, center consoles will deny you of such luxury.

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2. It Is Well Suited For Fishing And Less Of Any Other Activity

Unless your primary goal for purchasing a private vessel is fishing, you should not consider a center console boat. It is not what you can describe as a family boat that allows friends and family to play around and perform many other activities.

If you think of wakeboarding or skiing, you will be forced to look for another boat built for the purpose. Here, a dual console is an even better option.

3. Expensive To Start Up

Center consoles are costly to start up, which is valid for any boat. To put it in perspective, the purchase of the boat is the cheapest part (not so much for the center consoles).

From there, you will have to deal with tax payment, licensing, boat registration, berthing fees, and insurance, all of which demand to be cleared even before you can spend a moment on your new boat.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. These bills will be a daily reality and follow you for as long as you own the boat. Owning a center console boat is all fun and games until you have to face these more often than you’d wish.

4. They Are Declining In Popularity

Not long ago, center consoles were the trend in the boat market. But since recently, the market has experienced a shift in trends. Since the boat is suitable for fishing, not many people want a boat solely for fishing.

Besides fishing, they want a boat to cruise with friends and family and do various activities on the boat. A center console boat does not offer many options, and hence most people are opting for the dual console or any other type of boat.

Nowadays, people are no longer gravitating towards the center consoles causing its popularity to suffer a significant decline.

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5. Limited Cabin Space

The center consoles do not have much to offer when it comes to space and room for storage. It is not easy to move around below the deck, especially if you have several people on deck.

Moreover, it does not offer sufficient storage space considering many people tend to carry a lot of stuff when they go out on a boat ride.

There is hardly any storage space for your more oversized items that you may wish to carry with you. Furthermore, the seating amenities are not designed for many people to be comfortable.

6. Inadequate Protection

In their design, center consoles feature a T-top over the console. And that’s it for protection. That might not be much of an issue if you are out fishing. But if you have other interests in mind, such as picnicking, gathering with family and friends, and cruising, you will need more protection.

10 Reasons Not To Buy A Center Console Boat (Voted By The Owners!)

It will not be the fun outing you had in mind. You do not want to go out picnicking and end up getting wet when it rains while out in the water. Also, it will limit the boat used to only the warm weather and have it stored up when it is cold. An unexpected swell or storm, and you will have a wet ride home.

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Disadvantages Of Center Console Boats

Just like any other type of boat, center consoles have both advantages and disadvantages. These disadvantages can contribute to why you should reconsider your decision to buy a center console boat.

7. Price

For sure, center console boats are on the expensive side, regardless of whether it is new or used. These boats cost much more than other types in the marine industry. Here, you need to think critically if the boat will be worth your money considering where and for what you will be using the boat.

8. Poor Weather Protection

Another thing is, if you are looking for excellent weather protection, a center console will disappoint you. Sadly, even the best of console boats offers only minimal protection against weather elements. The reason lies in the boat’s design in that it generally features a T-top over the console. So, when you are out in the water, and it happens to rain, you will end up getting wet. And that is not what you are looking for in a boat.

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9. Social Segregation

The design of the center console boats is to blame. Center console boats tend to segregate the passengers on board. And since it seems like a minor issue, you will come to realize that most people, especially family members, love socializing and talking while cruising.

That is quite impossible on the center console boat, given the noisy engine and the console that separates people. If you are one of those people that want to have a good time on a boat with friends and family, a center console is not the way to go.

10. Not Much Storage Space Or Amenities

Another noticeable con and highly frowned over is the limited storage space for the items you wish to have on board. There will be little to no room for storage of your fishing gear, among other things. This problem becomes even worse if you intend to bring on board many passengers for a fishing adventure. It is always essential to have sufficient space to accommodate everybody’s stuff when out on such a mission.

Moreover, there are limited features or amenities on a center console boat. For example, compared to its counterpart, the dual consoles, it lacks the comfortable forward seating that most people would appreciate, adequate space and seating for several people, the ability to socialize since the console splits the seats, and a full cover the boat.

In other words, you can only count on the head amenity offered on the center console boat and have to live without the rest. That’s one of the reasons why center consoles are not the best for an outing with a large group of friends on a fishing trip.


What Is a Center Console Boat?

The center consoles called so from their design where a helm station is mounted at the boat’s center console. There is plenty of electronic equipment and controls on the console, such as the boat’s steering, GPS, radio, ignition, and compass.

Also, their bow cockpits and stern are typically open. Center consoles are also usually fitted with several propulsion systems such as inboards and stern drives. The more modern models come powered with an outboard engine. These boats come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, prices, and designs.

What Is The Major Compromise For Buying a Center Console?

The main compromise will be seating and amenities. Unless you are thinking of a high-end luxurious sporting yacht model, the center console does not offer much seating aside from the console. It is mainly a utility boat specially optimized for fishing, so even if there is extra seating, it would double as a storage unit for supplies and fish.


A boat can be a great asset to have in your possession. It is, therefore, such a significant investment that you would not want to regret. And that is where this article comes in. With the above reasons in mind, you will be able to gauge whether the center console boat you intend to buy is worth it.


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