10 Reasons Why Costco Paddle Boards So Popular

Paddleboarding is a beautiful activity and is beneficial to our general health. Furthermore, it is entertaining as you can engage in the activity with other people. Costco makes paddle boarding even better. Paddleboards are products that have been recurring in the market during spring for quite some time now.

Costco offers a wide variety of paddleboards with great features; some even entail innovative technology. It is a significant company and was also the first company in the industry.

Costco paddle boards have gained much popularity due to the reasons listed below:

  • Affordability
  • Health Benefits
  • Great Features
  • Wide Variety Of Paddleboards
  • Perfect Balancing
  • Online Shopping Available
  • Discounted Gift Cards
  • Optimal Environment for Meditation
  • Offers Low-Impact Workout
  • More Offers for Upgraded Membership


One of the reasons why Costco paddle boards so popular are – very affordable, and they are perfect for the hobby as they carry out their purpose well. The boards are unswervingly priced on the lower side of similar boards from other brands.

That is amazing. Costco buys the paddle boards at low wholesale prices, and they pass on some of these reductions to their buyers, thus the low prices.

10 Reasons Why Costco Paddle Boards So Popular

There is even an outstanding promotion; two of the cheapest boards, the Waverstorm and the Horizon, come packed together. What’s more, they are sold at the price of one paddleboard. With that, it is clear that the low-price policy is very generous. It means you can think of having fun without having to worry about prices. It makes it possible for a wide range of people to do the sport, particularly those who are pocket conscious.

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Health Benefits

Paddleboarding is an activity that gets you out of my house. Using Costco paddle boards is sedative in nature and helps you to relax both your body and mind. Just being on the water and breathing in cool air can significantly help you relieve stress and any negative energy you may have. The activity itself requires one to engage all the body muscles, starting from the shoulders, arms, back, core, torso, and leg muscles. That is an excellent exercise for your whole body.

On top of that, paddleboarding helps in losing weight. It is a beautiful activity that can help burn calories and thus lower body fat. Therefore, you do not have to go to the extent of taking smaller meals or taking pills to lose weight. Furthermore, paddle boarding reduces the risks of suffering from heart attacks and strokes.

Great Features

Suppose you would like to do some yoga while paddle boarding; Costco is the solution for you. The Body Glove Oasis is the best paddleboard for yoga. Its whole deck is completely covered in a traction pad.

The board also does not have a carry handle; instead, it has Velcro straps attached along with the paddle to become the handle. That is a beautiful feature. A carry handle would get in the way of performing yoga. The middle part of the board is where you would center your body while doing yoga.

The Waverstorm is purely made of foam and even has a soft top. This material is also similarly used in the core of surfboards and fiberglass paddleboards. The only difference is that instead of the core being covered with fiberglass, HDPE plastic skin covers the bottom while the top is covered in a grip enabling skin known as IXL.

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Wide Variety Of Paddleboards

One of the reasons why Costco paddle boards so popular are that Costco offers a wide array of varieties of paddleboards. They come in different features for various purposes to satisfy the wide range of customer specifications. The prices also vary, but they are mostly on the cheaper side.

The body glove oasis is perfect for yoga as it does not have a carry handle at the center. It also comes set with a pump that allows both single and double pumping. The Waverstorm is very soft as it is made of foam.

Other types include; the Body Glove Performer, which is inflatable, and Lifetime Horizon Hardshell, which is made of high-density plastic and has retractable fins and provisions for camera mounting.

The Lifetime Horizon Hardshell is best for moving through river rapids as it is strong, thick, and durable. The Hyperlight Admiral is mostly used on rougher waters, the Hyperlight Alki and Scott Burke.

Perfect Balancing

Paddleboarding may be quite tricky at first. When you are just a beginner, trying to perfect the art of balancing on the board may cause a rush of adrenaline to arise.

Costco paddleboards are mechanically robust. Unless you are going through a surf beach break or a rough river, Costco paddle boards will work out correctly for you. The base construction is unique. The top parts of most of the panels are made of IXL skin that enables grip that is good for your feet.

The type of Costco paddle boards made of fiberglass and hard plastic is very durable. They are made to withstand any beating of the water. The fiberglass quality is very reliable. The other option is the Lifetime Horizon Hardshell, which is made of High-Density Poly Ethylene.

This feature makes it extremely maneuverable, great for balancing in river rapids. The board is also very thick. A better balance will eventually help you balance your life in general and also gain a sharper focus throughout your day.

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Online Shopping Available

The availability of online shopping is a significant relief to many people. Through the Costco website, one can easily search for the product of their choice as there is a big list of options available. Furthermore, the price and specifications of the paddleboard are indicated along with the item. That saves you precious time and money as you do not have to drive to the stores to get your paddleboard.

Also, you can shop online at any time, unlike physical stores, most of which are only open during the day. Furthermore, most of the paddleboards are only available at the stores only for a season, for example, during spring. But they are offered online all-round the year.

Your geographical location may also be quite far from a Costco store. In this case, if you need to buy a paddleboard, you have to order it online. Additionally, most of the items are available online at significantly lower prices than at the stores.

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Discounted Gift Cards

Another reason why Costco is very popular is the standard gift cards they generally give. That is a beautiful market strategy that has worked over the past years.

It is a reason why customers at Costco are consistent. The gift cards that Costco sells are discount vouchers, which makes the offer very unique because not many companies do that.

For example, gift cards are valid for restaurants, Steakhouses, airlines, rounds of golf, and helicopter sightseeing trips over places like Hawaii. Additionally, Costco provides discounts for Build-A-Bear stuffed animals, gym membership, and movie tickets. These discount cards are fantastic benefits to the customers at Costco.

Optimal Environment for Meditation

A state of being on the water with a relaxed mind offers numerous health benefits. It can also improve your mood by far and also your focus. An environment of water is calm and wonderful, making it my number one vacation activity. According to most people, vacation is all about relaxing.

The inflatable Costco paddleboard is precisely what you need for paddleboarding. The soft surface is excellent and very comfortable to my feet, making paddle boarding even more fun.

Paddleboarding is a form of body exercise and a form of relaxing your mind and improving the general well-being of your body. The calm and soothing environment that water provides ensures this. Do not wait any longer; go for a Costco paddleboard and share in the fun.

Offers Low-Impact Workout

Using Costco paddleboards for paddleboarding is quite simple, enjoyable, yet highly beneficial. It is a low-impact workout. That means it cannot cause severe damage to my muscles, tendons, or ligaments.

However, the activity helps people who are experiencing aches like at the hips or knees. The activity is advantageous in increasing your strength and can help you recover from body pain without any further harm to your body.

Costco paddle boards are very comfortable, especially those that are made of foam. They were created with the customer in mind. Thanks to Costco paddle boards, people from any age group could try paddleboarding.

The paddle boards also come in a wide range for different purposes, starting from simple yoga to kayaking. You can choose a paddleboard that best suits your needs with the varieties and will not strain your body too much.

More Offers for Upgraded Membership

It is highly recommendable to get a membership at Costco as you will gain a lot of benefits. There are several levels of membership at Costco. There is the basic membership known as the Gold Star, whereby you pay fifty-five dollars per year. With this membership, all benefits outlined at the company are available to you.

The Executive Level also costs a hundred and ten dollars a year, and it earns you an annual rebate check, which is like two percent of all items that you buy at Costco in a year. This card also provides further discounts on customer services as an added advantage.


The construction of Costco paddle boards is mechanically very outstanding. The numerous features and different types make it very easy for me to choose, depending on what you prefer. Besides, the paddleboards at Costco are very pocket friendly. Online shopping is also available. All these, 10 Reasons Why Costco Paddle Boards So Popular, benefits make Costco the best place to buy paddleboards.


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