5 Best Websites to Buy a Used Boat in the U.S. (Solved!)

Finding a new boat can be a headache not only for novice operators who don’t know where to search but also for experienced sailors. Experienced sailors are probably familiar with boat shows and dealers. However, it might not be easy to get to these places since they are not always available in many areas.

Novice boatmen usually do not know where to begin their search. Thankfully, the internet helps to make this process easy. Anyone that is searching for a new boat should begin their search online. Here are 5 websites to buy a used boat in the U.S.

Yacht World

One of the best websites to buy a used boat in the U.S. Yacht World is considered one of the best places on the internet to purchase a new or used boat. This site lists well over 100,000 different types of watercraft. It offers houseboats, fishing boats, sailboats, runabouts, personal watercraft, dinghy’s, pontoon boats, jet boats, cuddy boats, skiffs, inflatables, and good old-fashioned yachts.

They have a wide assortment of watercraft. Yacht World typically has the type of boats that boaters want and/or need. This online portal has an extensive collection that provides more flexibility with finding the right boat. A person can’t go wrong with Yacht World. You can also get information about the price, condition, specifications, and features of the unit you want to purchase.

The only drawback to Yacht World is that you might have to drive thousands of miles to get your boat. Remember, most boat sellers are located along the coastal regions of the nation. You should keep that in mind when searching for a boat.

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Boat Trader

Boat Trader offers many boats, and they too will put you in touch with dealers and brokers. This site doesn’t focus on private sellers. Boat Trader even has liquidated boats that you can fix up on your own. This site is suited for novice boat operators and experienced seamen.

The site is easy to navigate. It lists pictures of the boats and puts their prices out in the open, so you’re not guessing how much a unit will cost. The pictures are clear, and the information is frequently updated. Boats that have been sold are usually removed from the site, so there is no confusion about their availability. Boat Trader also lists boats in various U.S. locations and around the world. Finally, you can specify your search to find the watercraft that you want.


One of the best websites to buy a used boat in the U.S. Boats.com is a simple boat selling site. They provide information about various boats and basic information about sailing. The site focuses on giving boaters basic knowledge about their watercraft. They will provide tips on what your boat will need to be an efficient boat on the water. They also list different types of boats, but you will have to request a price. So, the site isn’t upfront about showing boat prices.

Boats.com has a “How to” information section for visitors, and they even have a section that lists boat brands that help to make your search easy. Boats.com is a useful online portal for finding a new watercraft.

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Marine Max

Marine Max claims that it has the world’s largest collection of boats. The site is operated by knowledgeable and experienced sailors, dealers, and investors. This site has a strong collection of boats. They also promote marine life.

They provide information about different watercraft and help you find the type of model you want. Boat brands are listed on the site, and users can even chat directly with representatives.

All these features help make searching for a new (or used) boat a more fulfilling experience. Marine Max is for people who are serious about getting involved in the world marine life and boating.

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Kijiji and Craigslist

Kijiji is a Canadian online classified site, and Craigslist is a classified websites to buy a used boat in the U.S. Both sites have boat sellers who list their boats for sale. These sites primarily deal with private sellers. They often will list the price and features of their boats.

However, if you don’t know much about boats, you might have to get a qualified boat mechanic to tell you if your watercraft is worth purchasing. Kijiji and Craigslist can be an excellent place to find a boat from private dealers.

The only drawback is that you must have some real knowledge about boats. Otherwise, you could just be wasting your money. Also, Kijiji and Craigslist might not list (or provide) information about dealers or boat shows. We hope that you have found this article beneficial and that we have answered the question; 5 Best Websites to Buy a Used Boat in the U.S. (Solved!)


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