6 Most Fuel-Efficient Outboard Motors (With Pros & Cons)

Outboard motors have become the talk of the town. Their popularity is growing quite fast, maybe because of their reliability and reduced size compared to the old models. What’s more, the significant technological advancements in the industry have resulted in the production of exceptional products with which can be categorized as the most fuel-efficient outboard motors available.

The most fuel-efficient outboard motors list isn’t that long, and the difference isn’t huge either. Outboard motors are built to improve fuel efficiency, but some can save you more fuel than others.

Here are the top 6 outboard motors considered most fuel-efficient:

  • Suzuki DF25
  • Yamaha F25
  • Mercury 75/ 90/ 115
  • Honda BF6
  • Evinrude ETEC G2, and
  • Suzuki DF350A

Some of these models are pretty popular. But don’t be surprised that those unpopular models perform better than the popular brands you might already know. This post will be reviewing how these models are built, what they offer, and their pros and cons. Read along.

Why Consider Fuel-Efficient Outboard Motors

Most boat owners don’t check for fuel-efficiency differences when buying an outboard motor. Should they be concerned? May or maybe not; the fact remains, a little difference could save some money in the long run. Here is a list of the most fuel-efficient models available in the market.

1. Suzuki DF25

Suzuki DF25 is one of the top-performing models available. It comes first as the most fuel-efficient outboard motor for its high rating and reliability.

The product was debuted back in 2014, and it has since surprised most of its customers. According to it its maker, Suzuki, it’s the only outboard motor with a battery-less EFI.

This feature is to provide 1-to-2 starting for a convenient starting experience, and improved fuel efficiency from the word go.

It does also come with a unique air intake system that perfects its performance and reduces fuel consumption.

It does use Suzuki’s Lean Burn, a Fuel Control Technology designed to predict its fuel needs according to its operating conditions. The system delivers optimum fuel-air mix into the engine simultaneously, which results in a better fuel economy.

This problem is shared among the small carbureted engines and thus mitigates the ethanol issues. Its excellent specifications will not be complete without mentioning the perfect combination of modern electronics and the upgraded fuel injection system to deliver class-leading fuel efficiency.


  • Its fuel is closed, eliminating exposure to air, which helps reducing ethanol issues
  • This motor uses a unique air intake system for improved performance and reduced fuel consumption.
  • It does come with modern electronics that helps keep it on toes when it comes to speed-fuel balancing
  • Its advanced fuel injection system makes fuel burning seamless and reliable.


  • It is not the lightest in its class

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2. Yamaha F25

If you’re searching for the most fuel-efficient outboard motors, you might want to check out this next model, the Yamaha F25. It’s an interesting model designed with a lightweight design and improved fuel efficiency in mind. It delivers around 25 horsepower at its maximum RPM.

According to most users, Yamaha F25 is an economy model that runs at 3500 pm. It burns around 1.8 gallons per hour when running at 12.1 miles per hour. That is exceptional considering outboards of this size run on at or near a wide-open throttle for more extended periods making its high-end efficiency worth noting.

However, this outboard motor is not the most affordable. The pricing is a bit high, but considering what it offers, the pricing is a compromise that won’t hurt as much.


  • It’s designed to deliver peak performance at the top of the RPM range.
  • It’s considered the lightest 25HP outboard motor in the market.
  • Its class-leading fuel efficiency is something enjoyable for such a model.


  • The pricing of this model is quite high.

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3. Mercury 75/90/115

From the barrage of positive online reviews, it is true to say that the Mercury 75/90/115 outboard motors deliver to expectations. This outboard motor was designed approximately five years ago, being the latest 2.1-liter motor in 115, 90, and 75 HP ratings. The coupling of technology and advanced fuel system allows this outboard motor to reduce fuel consumption while maintaining the highest performance.

The engines have nearly the most displacement compared to others in the same class while maintaining the lowest weight in the class. Weighing only 359 pounds, it’s 40 pounds off compared to its predecessor 1.7-liter Mercury outboard.

What’s more, this outboard has achieved the right balance between simplicity and technology in a compact design. Also, it uses low-friction roller fingers that enhance efficiency and do requires minimal maintenance.

On top of that, the running of these engines is very smooth, making the experience even better. With our testing and the 17 000 testing hours by Mercury when developing the motor, it is clear that this motor is well equal to the task. It offers peak performance with superb fuel efficiency.


  • Its gear-cases options offer greater flexibility for matching performance.
  • Apart from being a fuel-efficient model, this outboard motor also operates quietly.
  • It comes in a lightweight and compact design, something you will want to check for while buying an outboard motor.


  • The technicalities of operating the motor aren’t explained enough in the user manual.
  • The fuel injection system is a bit outdated.

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4. Honda BF6

As advertised, Honda BF6 is determined to meet all users’ needs, and according to its previous users, it has so far achieved that goal Indeed. As one of the most fuel-efficient outboard motors available, the Honda BF6 has a 127cm³ engine that offers efficient acceleration while supplying high-level torque without compromising its fuel efficiency.

Besides this, the availability of propeller options allows this model to meet various user needs to the bat. It has an easy start engine thanks to it utilizing the famous Honda decompression mechanism. That allows you to start it with minimal effort.

It’s the lightest of its class, according to its previous user. Besides this, more extend the praise by reviewing the product as a model designed to give the users an ergonomic boat riding experience. It has an ergonomic tiller handle that you can fold to keep the unit as compact as possible.

When it comes to comfort, you can expect to have the most comfortable ride. According to online ratings, this model produces the lowest vibration while offering high reliability. And according to its maker, its high-charging alternator can produce around 6A that allows charging multiple electronics.


  • They make a reasonable alternative to the heavier 150 HP models
  • It is designed to boost efficiency with weight reduction
  • It delivers quieter operation


  • It’s ideal for use with small and inflatable boats.

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5. Evinrude ETEC G2

Evinrude ETEC G2 outboard is another model that brings out great value for your money. The G2 line of DFI two-strokes was introduced a few years ago. Initially, the models were 200, 225, 250, and 300 HP in 3.4-liter packages, followed by the 150, 175, and 200 HP models with a built-in 2.7-liter powerhead.

This line was further extended not so long ago, introducing an inline-three 1.9-liter package with 115, 140, and 150 hp. This entire line presented significant advantages to its customers, starting with fuel efficiency.

On top of that, the outboard motor comes with an inbuilt power hydraulic helix steering system and has all the mounting and rigging self-contained and slicker. Moreover, all the systems are digitalized and allow you to inspect the gear-case lube through a reservoir visually.

As if that is not enough, the regular maintenance is significantly reduced. What more can you ask for? Its fuel efficiency is around 10 to 15% compared to four-strokes, and it offers a quiet operation.


  • You get to enjoy reduced maintenance
  • The systems are digitalized for easy use
  • The mounting and rigging are self-contained
  • You can visually inspect the gearcase through a reservoir.


  • BRP discontinued it
  • It is not as quiet

6. Suzuki DF350A

Suzuki DF350A is the next model that you cannot keep off the list of the most fuel-efficient outboard motors. This model shocked the marine world and turned the market around with its 4.4-liter capacity V6.

You might also want to know it is the most potent outboard motor that this renowned manufacturer has ever made and comes with contra-rotating propellers. These contra-rotating propellers are designed to spin on a single shaft, giving the lower unit bite gobs to harness every torque that gets the large and heavy boats quickly on the plane.

The outboard motor boasts of a unique arrangement such that the engine trim has minimal impact on the hole-shot. This motor has set a new standard when it comes to efficiency, performance, and features. Moreover, it comes with numerous innovations like a lower unit, not from any other market.

However, a drawback to most customers is that the engine is only a few years old. We did not find that a big disadvantage because it worked to expectations. Other customers think so too and are pleased with their new Suzuki DF350A outboard motor.


  • It comes with a great arrangement that reduces the impact of the engine trim on the hole-shot
  • It does feature counter-rotating props designed to deliver reliable torque
  • It’s rated as one of the most powerful outboard motors by its previous customers.


  • It might take a long time to get used to how it operates.


Your search for the most fuel-efficient outboard motors has finally come to an end. You can never go wrong with the ones listed above. These motors end up on a wide variety of boats, and they deliver peak performance. Moreover, they come at different price ranges, so you can find one that fits your budget.


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