7 Ways To Make Money From Spearfishing

Spearfishing is a traditional way of fishing that has been used across the globe for millennia. Even civilizations knew customizing spearing fish from lakes and rivers with sharpened sticks. In modern life, spearfishing uses slings and elastic powdered spearguns to strike the hinted fish.

Fishers in modern society also use compressed gas powered spearguns for fishing. Additionally, there has been the invention of specialized techniques and equipment for different aquatic surroundings and target fish. You can do spearfishing using scuba diving methods, snorkeling, and free-diving.

But it is necessary to find out spearfishing laws in a state or country because the laws differ. For instance, some countries don’t allow spearfishing using scuba equipment.

7 ways to make money from spearfishing:

  1. Getting Rid of Unwanted Fish
  2. Fishing Competition
  3. Make YouTube Videos of Spearfishing
  4. Spearfishing Stock Photography
  5. Teach People How to Fish
  6. Run a Fishing Camp
  7. Sell Fishing Products

Make Money With Spearfishing

You cannot beat a great day of fishing. The beautiful scenery, lots of fishing action, and ideal weather conditions all make a great spearfishing day. What you probably don’t know is that you can make money from your hobby.

Professional fishers are not the only people who can make money from spearfishing. There are several easy and fun ways to bring in a money on the side. Try out these simple ways of making money with spearfishing.

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Start a Fishing Business

You can start a spearfishing business. You don’t have to venture into your business, especially if you have financial constraints. Also, note that not all areas or cities will have a boom in the fishing industry. Venturing into the fishing industry can be a lucrative way of making money.

However, you might have to relocate to another city where the fishing industry is thriving. You can make good money spearfishing. But it would help if you had a lot of commitment to get up early so that you get a good catch every morning. Just like any other career, you will face a few challenges, like not catching as many fish as you would like.

If you want to make money spearfishing and selling the fish, you must follow state and federal laws. You also need proper licenses to fish and sell what you are catching to make your business lucrative. Some cities have laws limiting the number of fish for specific specimen you can catch in a given timeframe.

Don’t be discouraged by the state laws. If your love spearfishing, pursue your passion and dream. Now that you understand the requirements or laws, you can start earning money right away with spearfishing.

Getting Rid of Unwanted Fish

7 Ways To Make Money From Spearfishing

You can make money with spearfishing in some areas working as a fish bounty hunter. Sometimes, some fish species show up in the river or lake and threaten things’ natural balance. These fish are annoying because they can potentially harm the fish that live in the lake naturally or the ones that people place in water for game purposes.

You can earn money with spearfishing by getting paid to get rid of fish from water bodies. If you are an expert in spearfishing, you can make perfect money removing unwanted fish from the river or lake.

Some of the individuals who might require this service are private citizens who own large water ponds.

Getting rid of unwanted fish is a lucrative way of earning money with spearfishing, especially if you are willing to travel to where fish bounties are located. Remember to create a good reputation so that people can start looking for your services. It is a fun way to earn money while doing what you love.

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Fishing Competition

You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that you earn a decent living competing in spearfishing competitions. It might not be the easiest way to earn money because spearfishing competitions might be fierce. Many of the best fishermen in the locality will be in the contest for the prize and the sport.

The challenge is exciting, and you can win if you are passionate about spearfishing. The thrill of competition is among the many aspects of spearfishing that excites individuals to join the competitions the most to win the prize. People with a competitive spirit enjoy being part of spearfishing competitions as a way of earning a living.

Spearfishing competitions bring out a certain youthful excitement that most fishers have. Besides the fun of being part of a spearfishing competition, the adrenaline and money make the competitions worthwhile. You can make more money by joining several spearfishing competitions.

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Make YouTube Videos of Spearfishing

Spearfishing is among the most sought-after niches on YouTube. Several channels are earning a decent salary by uploading spearfishing videos on YouTube. You can choose to create videos of any subject of spearfishing and upload them to your channel.

For instance, you can earn money by reviewing spearfishing equipment or fishing techniques. When you start uploading YouTube videos on spearfishing, you will earn from ad revenues or partnerships with brands, which can significantly boost your income. It would be best if you were passionate about spearfishing for you to shine in this genre.

Also, make sure you get a decent screen presence to attract more viewership, which helps increase ad revenue and attract partnerships. Don’t shy away from using your social media platforms to upload spearfishing videos for that extra income.

Spearfishing Stock Photography

The demand for stock photography has been on the rise in the recent past. You may not realize how stock photography is lucrative until you undertake a project that needs you to give specific photographs. You can carry a camera to take photos of your trophy fish during your spearfishing escapades and later sell the photos.

Consider improving your camera skills so that you can get thought-out fishing pictures that can be a passive moneymaker. While stock photography is saturated, you can visit sites and see the photography styles that spearfishing categories use.

Be creative and fill the missing gaps for you to make good money with spearfishing. Research before submitting photos to learn the requirements of each spearfishing stock photography site. Remember to take good photographs that will earn you good money.

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Teach People How to Spearfish

You can make money teaching people how to spearfish. You can also engage in public education programs on matters spearfishing. Demonstrate how to prepare the fishing poles, the circumstances they should catch or let go of a fish, and necessary spearfishing equipment.

You can also teach people how to remove the fish scale and the proper ways of gutting fish. It is a fun way of earning money through your spearfishing skills. Pass your knowledge to people who are eager to become better at spearfishing. Teaching people spearfishing skills is a fulfilling way of earning money.

You can even teach young people how to tike hooks and the best equipment for catching different types of fish. Children are great students, especially when you teach them how to prepare fish after spearfishing and the best way to cook different fish types.

Sell Fishing Products

Every angler requires baits for a successful catch. You can earn money by supplying such supplies in your locality. Think about breeding maggots, worms, and crickets and supplying them to other anglers and bait shops in the locality.

You can even make fishing rods and sell them if you are conversant with the skill. Just make sure you make smaller sizes of these fishing products so that children can also enjoy fish hunting. You can also make homemade lures for selling to other fishers, and you could make decent money with that. The best part about this idea is that the capital is minimal, and you can take videos of yourself making the supplies and post them on your YouTube channel.

Run a Spearfishing Camp

A spearfishing camp is an ideal way of making money during the fishing season. Design trips that take care of families’ spearfishing needs, mixed bag crowd, adults, or children.

You can make good money conducting these camps throughout the year if you have enough facilities to store fish. Better still, cook all the catches and sell them, which means additional income.

You can also conduct cooking classes and lure making at the spearfishing camp so that participants have several activities to do. Consider teaching kids how to make fishing rods from local materials. Add extra activities for the fishing camp so that you attract more people. Additionally, organizing trips for serious night crawler spotting is an excellent way to earn extra income from spearfishing.


If spearfishing interests you, then you can consider the above eight ways of making money from fishing. All the above, 7 Ways To Make Money From Spearfishing, can transform your hobby into a full-time moneymaker. Get the necessary gear for each method so that you are better positioned to earn money.

For instance, invest in proper fishing gear to enable you to teach people how to spearfish. Think about pursuing more than one of the above ways if you are a risk-taker. The idea here is to make as much money as possible from spearfishing. Don’t forget to get the necessary licenses and meet other legal requirements to avoid trouble with the state.


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