8 Best Jet Skis Under $15000 (With Pros & Cons)

Jet Skis bring a fantastic feeling like piloting an open-cockpit vehicle on open water. But at times, these things can cost you a lot. That’s why most people even fear looking at the prices. But what if you can get yourself the best Jet Ski under $15000, fitting your budget.

Yes, there are the best Jet Skis under $15000 and on budget. All you need to understand is your needs and what is available. And this post gives you that option. Below are the top 8 best Jet Skis that you can compare, and if one of them impresses you, you can proceed with the purchase.

8 Best Jet Skis Under $15,000 (On a Budget)

1. Sea-Doo Spark Trixx

Sea-Doo Spark Trixx PWC is made specifically for those who love every trick on the book when riding a Jet Ski. This Jet Ski is powered by the Austrian Rotax 900 engine, ACE HO, which generates up to 90hp. The engine is housed by a composite hull that is conveniently lightweight.

Moreover, this Jet Ski prides itself in an impressive balance of weight and power that gives an excellent boost to raise the nose with the step wedges ensuring you show off while at it. Despite this model’s minimalist nature and the sub- $8k base price, it is fully equipped with Sea Doo’s signature Intelligent Brake and Reverse (IBR) and handlebar riser adjusted in multiple ways.

On top of that, this Jet Ski is designed with a cooling system with a closed-loop design that prevents damage resulting from saltwater. Furthermore, it offers several delivery modes for powers, such as the devoted wheelie mode.

This PWC weighs 428lbs, with the maximum speed being 48mph. Some might consider the speed a pros but if you need a speeding ski jet under $15000, then this might not be it. Additionally, the weight and size of this thing make its tough to load and unload it.


  • Extended range variable trim system
  • The step wedges provide more stability and confidence
  • Lightweight and high-strength
  • BRP audio portable system
  • Adjustable riser


  • Portability is an issues considering its size and weight.
  • The speed might also be an issue for you if you need a speeding ski jet under $15000
  • Storage areas for essentials are limited.

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2. Yamaha EXR

Next best Jet Skis under $15000 is the Yamaha EXR is one of the famous Yamaha models that you can get on a budget. This powerful PWC exclusively for the recreational class will offer you superb performance and great value for your money.

First, it is well backed by the brand’s famous reliability, so you should not expect anything less. This Jet Ski gets its power from the TR-1 marine engine from the Tuning Fork Company, with a high output of 110 horsepower. The power is expelled from a pump, 144mm diameter for high pressure, and an impeller made of stainless steel.

The most recent version of this model is constructed with NanoXcel 2 fiberglass-based SMC from Yamaha, the same material employed on the flagship Waverunner by Hamamatsu manufacturers. This lightweight hull, combined with the upgraded engine tune, offers you an impressive speed of up to 54mph. The RiDE throttle system makes docking this Jet Ski a breeze.


  • RIDE throttle system ensures easy deceleration, reversing, and docking
  • The high output engine and lightweight design makes an exciting ride
  • NanoXcel 2 technology delivers an impressive weight to power ratio
  • It features glovebox storage and dual mirrors
  • Industry-leading fuel efficiency


  • Its spare parts are quite expensive.
  • Users complain of vibrations at high speeds.
  • The handlebar riser is not adjustable .

3. Kawasaki Jet Ski SX-R

The SX-R Jet Ski by Kawasaki is an affordable solution for those who love this brand. It boasts of a sleeker and more up-to-date aesthetic compared to Yamaha Superjet, its competitor. Moreover, it is equipped with a significantly larger engine of 1498cc as well as an additional cylinder. These features give it a faster speed and great grandstanding overall.

The extra weight comes as both an advantage and a disadvantage. While it makes it a more stable ride, it is not the best for tricks in the water. Also, it comes with limited amenities compared to other models of the same kind, and that’s why it’s among the best Jet Skis under $15000.

On the bright side, this Jet Ski comes feature-packed with exciting additions such as the ample storage area, a magnetic key, and your very own plush padded deck. Furthermore, this PWC can collapse to a compact size for more accessible storage any time it is not used.


  • This Jet Ski is feature-packed with great additions
  • It has a sleeker and more aesthetic appearance
  • Is collapsible for easy storage
  • It makes a more planted ride


  • The warranty is an issue for such an investment.
  • Because of its playful steering it’s not reliable for tricks.

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4. Yamaha Superjet

The 30-year-old Superjet model by Yamaha has stood the test of time. This model has made its way back to the market after a big break and seen itself to the top ranks among the cheap Jet Skis you can buy.

The 2021 model displays the modern incarnation of the long-lost Superjet to the delight of many. The engine is now one of Yamaha’s favorites, the TR-1 marine engine, which produces up to 100hp. Moreover, replacing the old SMC hull and deck are the VaRTM fiberglass units.

Another thing is, you can enjoy the padded handlebars and foot tray with a 50mm of play that gives the rider comfortable quarters. Even with these updates, the new model still has the same wild character for the enthusiasts. All these, while enhancing its reliability and reducing emissions output.


  • The new version has upgraded features
  • This Jet Ski is reliable for high performance
  • It guarantees less emission output
  • It has a top speed of 54mph


  • The Jet Ski does not collapse to a compact form for easy storage.
  • The handlebar riser is not adjustable for an enhanced user experience.

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5. Sea-Doo RXP-X

Sea-Doo RXP-X is among the models in the budget line of the Sea-Doo. As one of the best best Jet Skis under $15000 on budget, it comes packed with all the features you might been in a high-end model. For starters, this near-flagship vessel boasts an intercooler and supercharged Rotax 1630- Polaris’s most potent ACE engine.

Moreover, the engine comes with a top-performing impeller and a cooling system with a closed-loop design to prevent damage by saltwater. The 300hp worth of power makes this vessel high-performing and breakneck speeds. Furthermore, this PWC is fitted with a race-inspired control setup and ergonomics to ensure maximum comfort and control.

This new T3-R hull is also conveniently lightweight, cutting up to 86lbs of the weight compared to its worthy competitors. Another standard feature is Sea-Doo’s intelligent brake and reverses function and the handlebar-activated launch control system for the best user experience.

You also get to enjoy the variable trim system and a large 7.6-inch digital display. This PWC offers excellent comfort with plush seating for up to three people and a customizable saddle for picnics, hanging out, or fishing.


  • It comes with a variable trim system and handlebar activated launch control feature
  • There are numerous optional factory upgrades, such as BRP audio system
  • It features race-inspired ergonomics and control setup
  • It is very comfortable


  • It does not collapse to a compact form for storage.
  • The storage areas for your essentials are limited too.

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6. Yamaha EX Series

The Yamaha EX series is your go-to option for affordable yet high-performing Jet Skis. These PWCs can fit in virtually any budget and include the EX, EX Deluxe, and EX Sport, with the cheapest of the three being the EX model. Users praise this model as all-inclusive since you do not have to purchase any additional upgrades.

Moreover, this Jet Ski is pretty fast and comes with numerous features. It boasts of a fuel-efficient engine and a multi-function information center. There is an additional glovebox that offers extra-large storage and is easily accessible.

Despite being an entry-level Jet Ski, it is very advanced. It is built with the same attention to detail and quality construction as other expensive Yamaha models. Furthermore, there is enough room for up to 3 people so no one will miss the fun.

The bow compartment offers quick access to some of the essentials you need while on the water. This PWC is also equipped with Yamaha’s class-leading TR-1 engine that is lightweight and ensures a fun ride and excellent fuel efficiency for a full-day riding experience. And when you are done for the day, the tow hook will provide an easy and secure towing.


  • No need to purchase additional upgrades
  • It comes equipped with a fuel-efficient engine
  • Uses multi-function information center
  • Quick-access bow storage
  • Very affordable


  • According to previous users, finding spare parts is a challange.
  • The portability of this Jet Ski requires are trailer because it does not collapse to reduce it storage size.

7. Kawasaki STX-15F

Kawasaki is renowned for its fast engines in the Powersports industry. The same is translated into their STX-15F is proudly the fastest entry-level ski available in the market. That makes it among the best choices for a cheap PWC in the market and one of the best Jet Skis under $15000 on budget.

So, if you are interested in a fast ride and at an affordable price, this is the one for you. You will enjoy its impressive acceleration and high speed combined with a very responsive ride. What more could you ask for? The slightly higher price point can be justified by the additional technical features such as the Smart Learning Operation mode for first-timers.

Additionally, this Jet Ski is equipped with a 1498cc marine engine that guarantees high performance and speeds. The digital fuel injection delivers strong acceleration, low emissions, and fuel economy. Also, there is a larger rear deck for those who will appreciate the extra space.

This model comes with a built-in Kawasaki innovative steering system that comes in handy in numerous situations. And finally, the elegant composite hull, complete with advanced rider features, the STX-15F is the way to go.


  • It has an intelligent learning operation mode
  • It features Kawasaki’s built-in innovative steering system
  • This model comes with a responsive hull
  • It’s a fast ride at an affordable price


  • The durability isn’t impressive but considering its price, it can be convenient.
  • It’s not ideal for a two-adult ride

8. Sea-Doo GTI 90

The last best Jet Ski under $15000 is the robust Sea-Doo GTI 90 made exclusively for water-loving enthusiasts who are on a budget. This full-sized model has a large swim platform with a LinQ storage system compatibility.

Therefore, you can add numerous accessories such as dry stowage boxes, a cooler with fishing rod holders, or an external fuel tank. Other features include:

  • The water dedicated phone compartment.
  • A large 4.5 display.
  • Wide-angle mirrors for towing the vessel.
  • The signature Sea-Doo electronic IBR reverse.

Another thing is, this model is powered by a Rotax 899cc 900 ACE engine that can take you to high speeds of mid-40s mph. Moreover, the 668-Polytec Gen 2 hull houses a 15.9-gallon fuel capacity and a rider capacity of 600 pounds.

Furthermore, this PWC has ample storage of over 40 gallons between the front bin and glove compartment. That is far more than any other PWC can accommodate.


  • It comes as a full-sized model at an affordable
  • Comes with the electronic IBR reverse
  • It is a LinQ storage system compatible
  • Ample storage capacity


  • The handlebar riser isn’t adjustable like the others.
  • It lacks mirrors that facilitate effortless towing.


All the above Jet Ski models listed here are under $15000. You don’t have to break your bank to get yourself a Jet Ski. You can start small and save your way up. These models will keep you on the budget and also give you jet-ski fun.


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