8 Best Trolling Motors for Small Boats (Pros & Cons)

Many anglers prefer the best trolling motors for small boats that’re more accessible and tough enough to handle the harshest of fishing environments. Today, this has become the tough reality since find one is a challenge by itself. Luckily for you, that is about to change.

Below are some of the trolling motors for small boats available in the market today. They utilize the latest technology to ensure anglers catch more fish and have a better boating experience. Moreover, for small boats, a transom mount is ideal. These motors ensure that anglers have total control over their craft and move effortlessly from one spot to another. Below are some of the trolling motors you need to consider.

1. Watersnake Saltwater Trolling Motor

The Watersnake saltwater trolling motor does not disappoint when it comes to power and functionality. This motor features a sturdy yet straightforward design making it versatile with the tiller-steer transom- mounting options.

Also, it is suitable for use in saltwater. You are assured of maximum control thanks to the multiple propellers. Each propeller shaft is made of stainless steel with weedless design props to exceed your limits in your next adventure. Moreover, the motor requires 12V power and offers five forward and three reverse speeds controlled by the tiller handle throttle.

At first glance, the Watersnake trolling motorhead has a stylish and compact design made complete by an ergonomic tiller handle. We were able to keep track of the battery’s condition thanks to the digital meter display on the motorhead, proofing it’s among the best trolling motors for small boats.

Furthermore, the transom mount’s grips made it easy to attach and secure the motor onto our small boat. The motor’s electric power suits a wide variety of boat sizes. The battery is, however, not included.


  • The 24-inch shaft, adjustable mount fitting ensures easy attachment
  • It is easy to steer with an ergonomic, extendable handle
  • This motor is ultimate in lightweight portability
  • It is well compatible with small boats


  • The battery not included
  • Brackets are not included

2. AQUOS Haswing Transom Trolling Motor

The AQUOS Haswing Transom Trolling Motor will exceed your expectations. The motor offers superior control with the five forward and three reverse allowing you to dial the right amount of speed for your fishing. Besides this, as one of the top-rated trolling motors for small boats, it has more to offer.

The 110 degrees folding handle offers you an adjustable helm for a hassle-free fishing movement. There is a readable power indicator displayed so you can plan your fishing trip prior. You can tilt this motor up to 10 different positions given the rock-solid aluminum alloy gear lock bracket that allowing easy deploying and stowing of your small boat.

On top of that, this motor performed superbly in both saltwater and freshwater. Also, it is conveniently compact and very portable with a collapsible tiller handle. We had an easy time adjusting the depth height with the steering lever that adjusts to different angles, is extendable, and telescopic. Furthermore, it offers a comfortable control just as promised. However, this motor is very noisy.


  • It can be set up in both fresh and saltwater
  • This motor is conveniently adjustable
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable
  • It is easy to install


  • The motor is very noisy
  • The controls are flimsy

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3. Seamax PowerMax 2HP Brushless Trolling Motor

Seamax PowerMax 2HP Brushless Trolling Motor does the job. This model is one of Seamax’s significant innovations. It offers you an excellent experience with its smooth and quiet operation and superb performance from offshore to lake use.

When it comes to corrosion protection, the built-in sacrificial anode got you covered. You need not worry about your motor’s safety thanks to the locking feature on the transom clamps. And apart from making the list of the top-rated trolling motors for small boats, it provides seamless speed changing thanks to the patented speed controller. You can expect a longer lifetime and bigger capacity with stepless smooth forward and backward speed operation to boot.

Another thing is, this motor boasts of an adjustable motor shaft that fits nearly all small to medium size watercraft. The voltage meter came in handy as it showed us the real-time battery condition. Furthermore, with the glass fiber reinforced composite material propeller, updated thickness, camber, and pitch, its high thrust application is exemplary.

The technology incorporated in the construction of this motor is indeed impeccable with industry standards. However, some customers noted that the motor gets very noisy at top speed.


  • It employs updated technology for improved performance
  • This motor features an anti-theft quick-release taper lock
  • It offers durability and performance over many years
  • Quiet and smooth operation


  • It is loud when turned up to higher speeds
  • The motor is not entirely waterproof

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4. U-BCOO 8 Speed Saltwater Electric Trolling Motor

If you are looking to increase your boating experience, the U-BCOO 8 Speed Saltwater Electric Trolling Motor is your best shot. This motor is multi-purpose, and you are assured of high performance and high quality, something you can expect from trolling motors for small boats.

In addition, it is conveniently lightweight and compact for an even better experience. Installation is a breeze, and you can easily adjust it to your preferred length and angle. Another feature that makes it the best is the design that makes it well suited for saltwater use.

It has been the motor of choice for many fishing boats, leisure fishing, water entertainment, and other activities. The thruster features a real-time display of power level so you can plan. What’s more, this trolling motor boasts an extendable telescopic handle that is 4 inches long. This feature gave us a better adjustment angle and control.

The copper wire technology used ensures low heat generation, good magnetic permeability, low noise, and long service life. Furthermore, with the full copper enameled wire, you have an energy-saving and durable trolling motor. One downside that many customers pointed out is that the motor vibrates at high speeds.


  • Stainless-steel hardware for saltwater use
  • High strength and high-performance motor
  • Low heat generation and long service life
  • It features a 10-level LED power display


  • The control shaft jumps track
  • Mostly suited for saltwater
  • It vibrates at top speed

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5. Newport Vessels L-series Trolling Motor

Newport Vessels L-series Trolling Motor is your ideal choice. This motor offers top-tier performance with an adjustable 40-inch shaft made of fiberglass composite material. It is well suited for all the Newport vessels, personal watercraft, inflatable boats, and other small boats with a transom mount.

Besides, this motor offers eight-speed options, five forward and three reverse speeds, which assures you a smooth ride and more control regardless of the water condition. This 62lb motor comes with a three-blade propeller that guarantees optimal performance and runs on any 12v marine battery.

Additionally, as one of the top-rated trolling motors for small boats in the market, you can expect next level usage convenience. It comes with a 10-point LED battery meter that constantly monitors the battery level. The materials used in its construction are of high quality, and therefore it is likely to last a long time.

Likewise, we noticed the corrosion-resistant materials, including a sacrificial zinc anode, stainless-steel, and fiberglass-reinforced nylon propeller, make the motor suitable for use in saltwater. A significant drawback is that the motor is not entirely waterproof. The battery is also not included in the package.


  • The bright LED display provides real-time charge reading
  • Comes with eight speeds and a telescoping handle
  • It is made with high strength and quality materials
  • It comes with saltwater compatible hardware


  • The head and handle are not waterproof
  • Primarily suited to fit Newport’s vessels
  • Brackets are not included

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6. Minn Kota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor

The Minn Kota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor is built with your needs in mind. Any time you reach out for your transom motor while fishing, you need easy control, instant responsiveness, unyielding toughness, and a reliable motor- the Minn Kota motor offers just that.

You might want to know, as one of the best trolling motors for small boats, it comes with a lever lock bracket that allows you to lift and rotate the directional indicator for up to 180 degrees and start back trolling. Moreover, according to reviews directed to the best trolling motors for small boats, you need excellent steering response with minimal effort and that’s what you get with this model. You don’t have to worry about this trolling motor is in the way of your kicker or outboard motor.

Furthermore, it gives the users an easy time controlling the speed thanks to the 8-speed settings, five forward and three reverse. The variable speeds allowed us to dial out the exact speed, and it responded by delivering the right amount of power we needed.

This feature is handy in battery conservation. The composite shaft material used is strong enough not to break, rust, or kink. However, this trolling motor is limited for use in freshwater.


  • The telescoping tiller is comfortable for convenient steering
  • It is made with an indestructible composite shaft
  • It has eight-speed settings for maximum control
  • Cool, quiet power


  • It is for freshwater use only
  • The battery is not included

7. MotorGuide Xi3 Wireless Freshwater Trolling Motor

MotorGuide Xi3 Wireless Freshwater Trolling Motor is a great purchase. It offers both convenience and simplicity like no other with wireless operation. Moreover, you can enjoy the freedom of having complete control. Thanks to high-tech options such as the integrated sonar, onscreen control displays, and the advanced precision pinpoint GPS. The remote control steering is intuitive and ready to use out of the box.

Moreover, the sizeable SecureStep lever gave us an easy time stowing and deploying the boat. This saved us time and energy as we moved from one spot to another. It is one of the best trolling motors for small boats, bought and tested.

The pinpoint GPS delivers great navigation options like cruise control, heading lock, and precise anchoring. Some customers noted that the motor only moved in one direction at top speed, which was a downside.


  • Wireless remote control for precise operation
  • It comes with innovative mount features
  • Stowing and deploying boat is a breeze
  • The motor is energy-efficient


  • At top speed, the motor moves in just one direction
  • Limited to freshwater use only

8. Newport Vessels Mossy Oak Camouflage Trolling Motor

The Newport Vessels Mossy Oak Camouflage Trolling Motor is a good value for the money. This camouflage model is ideal for waterfowl hunting in kayaks, sneak boats, Jon boats, mud boats, and other small watercraft. And it doesn’t end there; as one of the best trolling motors for small boats, it has a lot to offer.

Additionally, it delivers a 55lb thrust that is efficient and ultra-quiet giving you a great boating experience. The control head is adjustable to 30 degrees up and down for easy control. The ergonomic telescoping handle also enhances the control. You are sure to enjoy a controlled and smooth ride with the eight sped options.

On top of that, this trolling motor is well equipped with saltwater-compatible hardware from the magnesium, zinc, and stainless-steel hardware. It performs well in both fresh and saltwater. We found the 10-point LED battery meter to be beneficial as we could monitor the battery level. The battery is, however, not included.


  • The ergonomic handle and eight-speed options ensure maximum control
  • It features saltwater compatible hardware
  • This motor has a camouflage design
  • It comes with a battery meter


  • The head and handle are not waterproof
  • Battery not included


A long day of fishing can be hard work. But the trolling motors for small boats above are proof that it doesn’t have to be. They employ the latest technology to give you the best boating experience and even catch more fish. Grab one of these for your next adventure.


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