9 Reasons Not To Buy a Cuddy Cabins Boat (Voted By The Owners!)

A cuddy cabin can be a perfect boat if you love fishing and cruising at the same time. Its small size makes it ideal for almost all types of waters and fishing. However, as voted by the users, the idea could backfire and be a bad investment.

For most people, cuddy cabin is an obsession, but that is about to change. If you’re considering buying one, it’d be best to check out the many reasons not to buy a Cuddy Cabins boat as voted by the owners.

What Are Some Of The Main Reasons Not To Buy a Cuddy Cabins Boat?

Cuddy cabins are great, and many people love them, but they also have a long list of downsides. If you want to be prepared before you buy the boat, below are the many reasons not to buy a Cuddy Cabins boat.

9 Reasons Not To Buy a Cuddy Cabins Boat (Voted By The Owners!)

1. They Are Short In Height

If you are a tall person, you won’t like the Cuddy cabin that much; it may mean that you are constantly stooping over while in the cabin. You may even sometimes need to kneel to get around the cabin. That can get very uncomfortable and awkward, especially for tall people as the height is around four to five feet. If the height is a feature that bothers you a lot, you definitely should not buy a Cuddy cabin boat.

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2. It Needs More Fuel And Engine Power

A Cuddy Cabin has many amenities, and when you count the passengers and their belongings, it can increase the boat’s weight a lot. The extra weight will need more engine power so that the cuddy cabin can be able to move. As voted by previous owners, when the boat has all that excess weight, it needs more engine power, which will consume more fuel and quickly.

The fuel cost is also not that cheap, and therefore if you are on a budget, then this is something you should consider before buying a Cuddy cabin. Previous owners also add that it does not mean it is more expensive than other boats, but it certainly is not cheap.

3. Needs Air Conditioning

The Cuddy cabins are a place where you shelter, especially from the sun and rain. That is why you need an air conditioner in the cabin. If you buy a Cuddy Cabin and do not have an air conditioner, it can get very stuffy and hot. If the cabin has no air conditioner, it can be very unwelcoming and stifling. Previous owners of these boat type advise that if you buy a Cuddy Cabins boat for extra shelter, you should make sure it has air conditioning. Without it, it means you won’t enjoy the space, air-conditional also means more energy use and extra costs.

4. Restricted Bow Access

Other kinds of boats have a walkable deck or sitting area on the bow, making it easier to access. However, with a Cuddy Cabin boat, the interior is under the bow, which means access to the bow is somehow restricted. The boat’s windshield is also just behind the start of the bow, making it somehow impossible to get to the bow.

That is because you have to climb over the windshield so that you can get to the bow. Bow restrictions can be challenging, especially if you want to dock by tying the boat down. It also makes it hard to avoid the boat hitting any surfaces when docking. Even entering the bow can be very dangerous, which is one of the main reasons not to buy a Cuddy Cabins boat.

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5. Less Seating Capacity

if you didn’t know, cabin’s interior is under the bow, which is very limited, unlike other boats, as voted by the owners. With different types of boats, the seating space is extra and is in outdoor seating. That means the sitting space is minimal, and that can be very off about the Cuddy Cabin boat and a reason not to buy it. The cabin’s interior is also used as a storage area, a gallery, a toilet, and not forgetting a laying area.

6. You Have To Empty The Plumbing

If the toilet in the cabin gets used a lot, it can fill up and start giving out a bad smell. The only solution to that problem is emptying the plumbing. However, you will not just dump the waste anywhere, and you have to find the correct place. You have to routinely empty and clear out the plumping if you want to continue using it. That requires a lot of planning and work that many people don’t like and would prefer not to buy the boat at all.

7. It Might Not Come With a Generator

You may think that a Cuddy cabin not having a generator is not a big deal, but it can be very negative. That is especially if you use the cabin most of the time or going on a long trip. When you don’t have a generator, the Cuddy cabin boat will have to solely work on the engine power, which depletes the fuel quickly. Without the generator, you will not be able to enjoy all the comforts of the boat like other cabins.

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8. Ownership Costs

The cost of buying a new Cuddy Cabin is related to the size of the boat and the kind of amenities it offers. A small Cuddy Cabin has a low price with a basic interior, but the larger it is, the price will go up. That means if you don’t have more money, you will not get to enjoy the comforts of a Cuddy Cabins boat. That is why people prefer not to buy a Cuddy Cabins boat and go for a cheaper boat with some comfort.

9. Maintenance Costs – From The Owner’s Perspective

Apart from the costs of buying a Cuddy Cabin boat, you should also be prepared about the expenses you will incur in maintain the Cuddy Cabins boat. And as voted by the owners, some people don’t buy a Cuddy Cabin boat because it is costly to maintain, especially the large-sized boats. The costs range from annually registering it, insurance, and even storage. However, these costs are also incurred by other boat types, not just the Cuddy cabins boat.

Reasons To Buy a Cuddy Cabins Boat

Even though there are several reasons not to buy a Cuddy cabins boat, you should not be discouraged if you like this kind of boat. We will discuss some of the reasons you should buy this type of boat to put your mind at ease and help you make an easier decision.

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Dynamic Cruising Experience

Cuddy cabins are very versatile as they come in different varieties; they can be used for watersports activities ad can curve turns. You can use it for tubing, fishing, and even skiing. The cabin’s interior is an excellent place to store your stuff, allowing you more space to hang out and have fun. Cuddy cabin boats are sporty but also, at the same time, very luxurious. People buy this type of boat because it offers various options, giving you a dynamic cruising experience.

Extra Storage Space

With all the belongings passengers encounter when cruising, you need somewhere you store them without cramping them up. The cabin solves that problem effectively and still leaves you with enough space to rest and move around. Your items will be safe, and you don’t have to keep worrying every minute whether your stuff is safe. The storage space is essential when you are using the boat for some water sports. It will provide a small safe space to keep all the types of equipment.

Sleep Space For The Night

If you have excellent weather, then you will probably hang out enjoying the water all day long. That can be very tiring when nighttime comes, and you want to lay down and rest. That is where the importance of the cabin comes in, and it will shade you for a nap without you having to get off-board. Sleeping in the cabin is much more comfortable than sleeping near the beach.

Can Travel To Different Water Bodies

Cuddy cabins boats are approximately 18-24 feet wide, and with that size, they are still trailer-able. They weigh around 3000 pounds, but you can still trail them on the back of your truck. That way you can take it to do different water bodies and enjoy the sceneries changes.

Fishing Capabilities

Fishermen who use the Cuddy boat say that they enjoy it very much. Because of the great reviews, the builders have even made various Cuddy cabin boats made explicitly for fishing. They are easy to fit fishing rods, and most anglers use the font cabin for casting the net. The cabin is also an ideal space for storing rods, tackle, and other types of fishing gear.


Yes, there are many reasons not to buy a Cuddy cabins boat, but you should also have many reasons to do so. When you want to buy a Cuddy cabins boat, you have to consider all your options. That way you will know what to expect when you buy the boat, you will see what you will like and what you won’t like as much. You can also ask for buyers’ reviews so that you can learn from their experience.


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