Are Flyboard Expensive To Maintain? (3 Maintenance Stages)

Flyboarding is a fun activity; however, getting its hang at first can be relatively challenging. Just like skating or surfing or any new sport for that matter, it requires practice along with a couple of mistakes to master Flyboarding. However, once you become a master at flyboarding, you will fall in love with it; it is the closest thing you can get to a jetpack.

If you are looking to have fun with your flyboard for an extended period, you should consider maintaining it.

Are flyboard expensive to maintain? NO. Maintaining a flyboard isn’t expensive. You need to use a significant amount of grease and apply it within bearing grooves. Replace old bearings with new ones if necessary. Since flyboards are designed to operate in salty waters, you will need to clean them thoroughly after every use.

What Is a Flyboard?

Before we go through how to maintain a flyboard and are flyboard expensive to maintain, let’s first understand what a flyboard is. A flyboard is a board designed to hover over the water. With this board, you can fly over the waves rather than surfing on them; a flyboard looks like a hoverboard equipped with a jetpack under it. To understand it better, a flyboard is a board that uses water to allow one to fly over water.

In addition to the board, you will require something else to push the water up; a personal watercraft do this. When in operation, you will be forced to maintain your control and balance. The board is super-fast and relatively easy to maneuver; thus, it requires practice before using the board for fun. Flyboard was first designed by Mr. Zapata back in 2011, and it was seen in the jet ski World Championship in China.

How Does It Operate?

Despite the fact that it requires practice to master the art of flyboarding, operating it is pretty much straightforward. You might be wondering how it works; well, the board is fitted with a long tube attached to its lower section. The tube pumps water to the board, which forces it out from below the boots of a flyboard with high pressure. This allows the rider to fly up.

Are Flyboard Expensive To Maintain?

It is similar to jest ski; however, instead of the water being forced out from behind to propel you forward, the board pushes you up into the air. When using a flyboard, you can go as high as 10 to 20 meters in the air.

However, you will have to learn how to operate the board first before reaching these heights. When rating the board for the first time, the operator might not let it go very high for safety reasons. The best part is that flyboards can also be used to go underwater.

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Is Flyboard Safe For Newbies?

The answer to this question is YES. However, as a newbie, you will need to be extra careful. Flyboards don’t explore, nor do they fly very high in the air for it to be dangerous; however, you might end up injuring yourself when you fail to follow instructions carefully. Compared to other watersports, flyboarding is considered the safest; therefore, you have nothing to be worried about.

When it comes to flyboards, the safety note is that you must be trained. Furthermore, learning flyboarding is pretty much straightforward, and as a newbie, you can start having fun within minutes. To prevent any discomfort while going head first towards the waters, you will need to wear a helmet. Since you will be strapped onto the board, you shouldn’t be worried about falling off; furthermore, you will be wearing a life jacket to enhance your safety.

Maintaining a Flyboard

When it comes to maintaining a flyboard and are flyboards expensive to maintain, you should emphasize more on bearing. As time progresses, bearings will start losing their lubrication, and as a result, they start rubbing on each other, forcing them to shrink. When bearings shrink, they allow more water to leak from the joint and might seize up with sand, or a build-up of rust might occur around them.

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1. Maintaining Bearings

When maintaining a flyboard bearings, you should consider taking apart your flyboard. Depending on the type of flyboard you have, this stage will occur in three stages;

  • Take off the bindings.
  • Release 4 Allen key screw that secures the metalwork to the top of your flyboard.
  • Take off the C-clips within the swivel joints

Once you remove the C-clips from the swivel joint, the nozzle is then disconnected. While doing this, you should consider being watchful since ball bearings can potentially roll everywhere. When C-clips have deteriorated, it will lead to a build-up of rust at the nozzle’s interior, and the bearings will stop working.

After you have removed all the components, go ahead and grab a wire brush and use it to clean all old rust as well as grease. You will be able to see a significant difference after five minutes. You might go ahead and add some new bearings and C-clips to help improve the functionality of your flyboard.

2. Greasing

Greasing is vital in a flyboard when it comes to boosting its performance and extending longevity. You need to use a significant amount of grease and apply it within bearing grooves on a Y-connector along with the interior of a nozzle fixing.

When greasing your flyboard, you should consider spending at least 30 minutes greasing bearings in place. It would be best if you remembered to grease up a stop ring and C-clip; by doing so, it makes it easier when it comes to taking it off when maintaining it next time.

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3. Cleaning Your Flyboard

Despite the fact that flyboard spend time in the water, you will still need to clean them to boost their functionality. Since flyboards are designed to operate in salty waters, you will need to clean them thoroughly after every use.

Saltwater is known to speed up rusting on flyboards, and as a result, you will need to clean your flyboard after every use with clean, fresh water to prevent rusting from occurring.

Which Are Some Of The Best Flyboarding Destination?

Now that you have understood how to maintain a flyboard and master the art of flyboarding, you might consider visiting these top-notch flyboarding destinations;


France features several spots equipped for flyboarding. Coastal areas in the south, particularly one near Moselle, are among the most famous destinations. Therefore, if you plan on flyboarding in France, you should consider checking out these particular locations.


Spain is another incredible flyboarding destination, especially the country’s southeast beaches along with the Balearic Islands. There are several incredible flyboarding destinations within Spain; however, the regions stated above are the best in the country.

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United States

When it comes to the United States, you can find flyboarding almost everywhere within the country. There are beaches and water parks that offer an incredible flyboarding experience. However, Miami is said to be the best flyboarding destination in the United States, where you will have lots of fun.


In Italy, Lake Garda is by far the most famous flyboarding destination in the country. Furthermore, the area offers beautiful scenery, making it a top-notch destination that you should consider flyboarding. There are several areas within the sea for flyboarding; however, if you are looking for a unique experience, Lake Garda is the best pick.


Along with the sun and beautiful waters of Mexico, the beach makes it a perfect flyboarding destination. Cancun and Los Cabos, Mexico are the top-notch flyboarding destination in the country; the area has observed a significant increase in tourists due to their high-quality equipment. Mexico still features several other fun flyboarding destinations in addition to the two discussed above.


Santorini is the most famous flyboarding destination in Greece. In addition to that, Kanapitsa beach is also known for offering some of the top-notch flyboarding experience along with other watersports.


Australia is surrounded by water; this offers several beaches and open waters that are ideal for flyboarding. There more and more places within the country that are becoming available for flyboarding, with Perth and Gold coast being the most famous flyboarding destinations.

Final Verdict

Like any other machine, a flyboard also need to be maintained regularly in order to enhance their functionality. This is vital due to the fact that flyboards are designed to operate on water, forcing them to eradicate at a faster rate than you would expect. Due to that, you will need to take extraordinary measures to ensure that your flyboard isn’t damaged by water due to lack of proper maintenance.

As previously stated, a flyboard requires constant maintenance despite being designed for water, just like how surfboards operate to maintain their functionality. When starting, this will be relatively strenuous as well as hectic for you as a newbie.

Each you use the board, ensure that you can dry it and then store it properly to ensure that your board is in a working condition when you use it next time. As we conclude, we hope that you have found this article beneficial and that we have answered the question; Are flyboard expensive to maintain?


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