Are iROCKER Paddle Boards Good? (What I Wish I Knew Before Buying)

Are iROCKER paddle boards good? iRocker brand is one of the leading brands in the line of inflatable paddle board producers. This may mean consistent higher price tags, but they are worth it. They have gained popularity in the paddleboard industry for a good reason. These boards are fun to paddle, have a solid construction, and come with all the accessories and gear you may need to get started.

On top of that, these boards can roll up into a very portable package- all for your convenience. The boards come with a warranty so that you can buy in confidence. You can count on iRocker paddle boards to provide you with many hours of fun on the water. But if you are still wondering whether the iRocker paddle boards are any good, then this is the article, Are iROCKER Paddle Boards Good? (Ultimate Buyer’s Guide), for you.

iRocker Paddleboards

iRocker inflatable boards are what you have been missing out on. They are cool boards at great prices.

With time, you will realize that they are a good value for your money. These boards are also well made, portable, and come with all the necessary accessories so you can get into the water straight away. The boards are usually designed for cruising on calm rivers, on lakes, or along ocean bays.

Are iROCKER Paddle Boards Good? (Ultimate Buyer’s Guide)

iRocker brand often overstates the carrying capacity. But you have nothing to worry about as it is compensated with the hugeness of the boards. The iRocker lineup consists of 4 diverse boards and another four under their luxury brand Blackfin. We shall focus on the iRocker 11′ ISUP to better understand the iRocker paddleboards.


This board is 11′ long, 32″ wide, and 6″ thick. It only weighs around 27 lbs and can support up to 385lbs. The iRocker 11′ ISUP is made of triple-layer military-grade top stitch PVC. It is a good choice for beginners to novice paddlers. Moreover, it is well-suited to cruise on ocean bays and flat water and touring. This board offers excellent stability and comfort to its users.

Moreover, it comes with a range of essential accessories and features. These include the nine stainless-steel D-rings on the board. Four of these are used by the bungee cords. The other two on each side are used to attach a seat that you can use to paddle kayak-style. The one at the back is used to connect a SUP leash.

Furthermore, this board features a traction pad that is long enough for comfortable use. It is non-skid and ideal for regular recreational paddling. There is also a bungee system at the front. They are fully functional, and you can use them to secure your flip-flops or water bottle. These handy accessories serve to keep all your gear secure.

Once inflated, these boards are solid with rigid construction. The triple-layer construction makes them durable and robust. They can withstand harsh conditions and abuse and even last a long time with the proper care. This board features a tri-fin configuration to ensure adequate tracking, with the large center fin being removable. It comes with a carry handle centrally located for easy transportation. This handle has a rubber grip for comfort.

The package also includes a backpack that you can use to store your board when not in use. This backpack is large enough to fit in the board, 3-piece paddle, and the pump with zipper closure. There is a clear zippered pocket on the outside to accommodate your smaller items. Moreover, the shoulder straps are padded for comfort.

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The setup of these boards is fast and super easy. They come with a double-action pump that works to inflate the board quickly. Once you have inflated the board, you can now attach the large center fin that easily clips in place. You can attach a SUP leash to the D-ring at the back, adjust the 3-piece paddle included in the package, and then you are good to go.


From the customer reviews, these boards offer good overall performance. You are sure to enjoy the experience. It feels stable even in waves and choppy water. These boards provide the perfect balance between performance and stability, making it the choice for many people.

Also, they are not the fastest boards, but certainly not the slowest. These boards feature a tapered tail that makes turning easy and fast. However, it does not come with a kicktail.

iRocker SUP: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Boards are well suited for SUPers of any level, age, and interest and meet their needs. iRocker boards have something for everyone. This makes them an ideal gift for many occasions such as holidays, birthdays, back to school, and every day. If you are looking to buy one for a loved one, or your own, here’s the ultimate guide to help you make a decision.

Personal Preference

Many a time, the final choice goes down to personal preferences. This is based on the color and style of the boat. Another thing you should have in mind is what activities you plan on doing with the paddleboard.

Is it a spot for yoga, sports, fun and games, or leisure? Once you have determined the activity, you can narrow down your search to the board’s style. Thankfully, there are all-purpose boards suitable for any activity.

The Capacity Of The Board

You must find out the capacity of the board for safety reasons. Can the board you intend to buy safely and comfortably hold your weight and the extra equipment you may have onboard? Therefore, confirm the capacity of the board before making any purchase.

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Dimensions Of The Board

The dimensions vary from board to board to suit a wide range of users. Also, the dimensions affect your padding style. For instance, shorter boards are easier to turn than longer ones.

On the other hand, the longer boards are well designed for distance and speed and will require a larger turning circle. The short boards below 10′ are ideal for kids and surfing. They always have a planning hull and are easier to maneuver than the longer ones. Medium boards are well suited for all-round use and SUP yoga.

Most of them have planing hulls, but you may find one with a displacement hull. The longboards, from 12’6″ and above, are ideal for long-distance touring and fast paddling. The majority of these boards feature displacement hulls, are faster, with straighter tracking.

The board’s width determines stability and balance in the water. Wider boards are more stable. Narrower boards require a higher skill set, so you need to be confident enough at balancing yourself. Wider boards may also be slower and a bit more difficult to paddle.

Most of the boards have widths ranging from 25 to 36 inches, accommodating a wide range of user needs. When considering the width, think about your ability level, body type, and your paddling style.

SUP Thickness

Once you have found the board with the right width and length for your paddling needs, consider the thickness. The thickness is an essential factor as it affects the overall weight capacity and volume. Thicker boards have more volume, and it supports more weight. But if you are a small person, a long thinner displacement board will allow you to weigh on the board for efficient performance properly.

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Fins are fitted onto the boards to add stability and tracking. Some SUP boards come with removable fins, thus giving you more options. If you intend to use the board for games removing the fins offers more control to turn easily and quickly. If you are paddling for long distances or racing, keep the fins intact as they will aid in good tracking.

Generally, the larger fins with longer front edges and wider bases track straighter providing more stability. Smaller fins, on the other hand, offer better maneuverability. There are different fin configurations for various boards. Here are the popular ones.

Single fin configuration boards come with one fin placed in the fin box and secured with a nut and screw. This fin box usually offers a channel that allows the fin to slide back and forth. This fin provides minimal drag and good tracking, ideal for flatwater paddling.

3-fin setup is also called the thruster. It promotes straight tracking mostly on flat water and good control in surf. The three fins are usually about the same size.

2+1 setup includes two smaller fins on the side and one large one at the center. This is the standard configuration for surfing SUPs.

Inflatable SUPs can have any of the above configurations. The difference may come in when they feature detachable semi-rigid fins or the flexible fins pre-attached.

Accessories Included

Always remember to check the added accessories that come with the paddleboards. The standard ones offer a paddle, carry bag, puncture repair kit, and a hand pump. Depending on how you intend to use the board, look out for some extra features.

An example is bungee straps, which are usually located at the back or front of the board. These stretchy straps help secure your dry bags, coolers, and clothing. Attachment points or mounts may come in handy to securely attach your cameras, seats, fishing rod holders, and more.


iRocker is a well-known brand for inflatable paddle boards. They have focused exclusively on the production of inflatable boards, with one exception. This brand targets the paddleboard activities that favor the inflatable market. iRocker paddle boards are great boards at reasonable prices. If you are in search of paddleboards, you should consider the iRocker brand. We hope that you have found this article beneficial and that we have answered the question; Are iROCKER paddle boards good? (Ultimate Buyer’s Guide).


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