Boat Bottom Painting Cost (For All Different Boat Sizes)

People have different things that they love to own. Some choose to be homeowners, have different equipment for different things, boats, and even yachts. Owning a boat is a big deal as it comes with responsibilities and a feeling of excitement. This is because you know how fun it is to take your boat to the waters and have a relaxing time. Buying a boat requires you to be prepared to spend a great deal of money.

This means you have to be prepared for the whole thing. When it comes to painting your boat, you need to have the best plan at hand to do a great job. The boat bottom painting cost differs as a result of the different boat sizes. In this article, we will discuss the boat bottom painting cost and how important it is to know this for your future boat bottom painting. Below is a table illustrating the different boat bottom painting costs for different boat sizes.

  Size of boat  Boat bottom painting cost
15-20 feet$11 per foot
21-25 feet $12 per foot
26-30 feet $14 per foot
31-35 feet$15 per foot
36-40 feet$16 per foot

What Are The Benefits Of Boat Bottom Painting?

Boat Bottom Painting Cost (For All Different Boat Sizes)

1. Protecting The Hull

The moment you paint your boat bottom; you are keeping the hull safe from any damage that bacteria can bring to it.

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2. Offers You a Sludge Free Bottom

When you paint your boat bottom, you end up keeping sludge off the boat’s bottom. This happening saves your boat from being sluggish as it can move faster and better.

3. Saves You Money

With painting the boat bottom, you don’t end up spending so much money on repairs caused by bacteria that affect the hull. You will not be obligated to get to the market soon checking on the boat bottom painting costs.

4. Keeps The Bottom Safe From Water

Boats can be affected by water and this is why you need to keep water away from the boat bottom by boat bottom painting, you can. This way, you know your boat is safe from getting mold.

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What Types Of Boat Bottom Paint Do You Require?

1. Ablative Paint

Ablative paint is great for boat owners who want long-lasting paint for their boat bottom. This way, they will not be spending so much on the boat bottom painting costs due to the paint wearing off fast. It is advisable to use this paint if you are looking to keep bacteria away from your boat.

2. Epoxy Primer Paint

Painting your boat bottom with epoxy primer paint is an excellent idea as it offers you the opportunity to have a boat bottom that will be strong. Using this paint means that you can go fast when using the boat as the paint will not get off faster. Using this paint will help in cutting down on the future boat bottom painting costs.

3. Polyurethane

Polyurethane is a kind of hard bottom paint that successfully gives you the results you seek when painting your boat bottom. This is also good for fast boat drivers as they can move in the water as fast as they please without worrying about the paint coming off.

How To Estimate Boat Bottom Painting Cost?

1. Looking Into The DIY Cost

When you want to paint your boat bottom, you will require to know about the boat bottom painting cost. For your DIY project of painting the boat bottom, you will want to know the estimated amount of money you will be using. Remember that painting the boat bottom yourself will require you to buy materials and tools needed yourself. The things you are required to buy are;

  • Spray gun
  • Masking tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Respirator
  • Paintbrush

2. Find Out More About The Professional Costs

Finding professionals to paint your boat bottom is a fantastic idea as it saves you from doing things wrong. Here, you get to know more about the boat bottom painting costs you will incur if you work with professionals. It is expected that boat owners get to pay about $1000-$3000 and above for painting their boat bottoms.

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How To Paint Your Boat Bottom?

You can decide to paint the boat bottom and by doing so, might end up saving on the boat bottom painting costs and learn so much. To do this, there are steps you must follow through and guarantee you with great success where boat bottom painting costs are involved. The following is a guide you can use:

  1. Make a list of the things you will be needing for your painting project. Having a list will help you not forget anything. These are the tools and materials you will require:
  • Solvents
  • Goggles
  • Power drill
  • Bottom paint
  • Roller frame
  • Drop cloth
  • Rags
  • Masking tape
  • Disc sander
  • Foot covers
  • Gloves
  • Sandpaper
  • Appropriate gear

2. Choose the best day to do the painting as you have to consider the weather. The humidity needs to be below 65% and the temperature between 24-29 degrees Celsius.

3. The best paint for your boat bottom and be careful with this as you have to select the right one. There are many bottom paints in the market if you are interested and this is why you need to learn about them before selecting any.

4. Now that you have everything you will need, you can now go ahead prep your boat bottom. Wipe the boat bottom using a cloth and after doing so, bring in the sandpaper to clean lightly around the bottom.

5. Prepping is essential as it allows for the preparation of getting a new coat spread on the surface of the boat’s bottom. This does help in saving the boat bottom painting costs.

6. You will require to power wash your boat bottom to get rid of any dirt that may have stuck on the boat. Cleaning the hull is vital as it helps get the best results after painting.

7. Boat bottom painting cost is something you can have control over by painting the boat bottom yourself. Wear the required gear and now get to the painting task.

8. Using mask tape, cover the borders and start painting. You should keep off any spraying paints as they are not safe for the human body. Don’t apply thin layers of paint on the boat bottom as you want it to last.

9. Allow the paint to dry before you decide to use the boat or turn it over. Give the paint time to be fully dry before you move the boat or touch it. There you have it, an effective way of painting your boat bottom and incurring less boat bottom painting costs.

How Do You Save Money When Painting Your Boat Bottom?

1. Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands

The moment you decide to paint your boat bottom; it is preferable if you did it yourself. Doing this does help you with cutting down on the boat bottom painting cost. As long as you have the required tools and materials, this is an activity that can help you relax your mind and have time with your boat.

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2. Go Through The Paint Label

Paints are not of the same type, and because of this, you need to read the label that comes with the paint. The instructions there will help you from making unnecessary mistakes that cost money and also instruct you on what to do.

3. Research On The Internet About Boat Bottom Painting Costs

Gathering information from the internet can be so helpful especially in the case where you want to find ways of reducing the boat bottom painting costs. The internet has so much information to offer you when it comes to this. You can watch YouTube videos to know how to paint without making a mess of things.

When it comes to boat bottom painting, this is not an activity you carry out frequently as it does require money. As a result of finding ways to make sure the boat bottom painting cost is not high, you can bottom paint your boat once a year. It is even possible for the bottom paint you have on your boat to last for more than a year depending on the bottom paint you use.

What Are The Benefits Of Professional Boat Bottom Painting Services?

  • Familiar with this field of expertise

Professional painting providers are familiar with painting and patterns to apply. This makes them experienced as they have the desired skills. Get to include these services in your boat bottom painting cost.

  • Complete in time

Professionals ensure that your boat is ready in the required time which is amazing for you. You don’t have to worry about them taking a break or being slow.

  • Provide safety

Hiring professionals for painting your boat bottom is safe for everyone as they know all the safety measures and follow through with all of them. They help with saving you from incurring more boat bottom painting costs.


To wrap it up, your boat bottom painting costs depend on so many things like the size, the painting use, how you decide to paint it, and so many things. With this information about boat bottom painting costs, you are ready to come up with a budget for your boat painting purposes.


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