Boat Maintenance Tips: How To Choose The Best Storage Facility

Before buying a boat you have to put into consideration very many factors. When setting aside the budget, several other factors should be considered. The budget of the boat should include the initial cost of the boat and other maintenance services such as servicing the boat, cleaning, gasoline, storage, dry docking, winter storage, mooring, and insurance. These factors are very important since they will guide the buyer on whether they are capable of keeping and affording the vessel or not.

What Are Some Boat Maintenance Tips?

The boat must be maintained regularly and the maintenance routine ensures that when you use the boat the safety of everyone is guaranteed. Many problems can result from poor maintenance and they include battery failure, fuel leakage, and breakdowns. These problems can be very disastrous in the water and they can cause grievous injuries to the riders or can result in the boat sinking which can lead to deaths. Therefore it is important to ensure that the boat is always serviced and in good shape to avoid injuries and accidents on the water. Some of the boat maintenance tips include:

Check The Battery

If your engine is powered by a battery ensure to check that it is charged and that it can hold a charge. The boat battery should be filled with distilled water and the connections should not be loose or eroded.

Service The Engine

Always ensure that you carry out routine boat maintenance and one helpful tip is to service your engine at least once per year. Depending on the purpose of the boat and how far in the sea it goes the maintenance should be varied. Always ensure that you listen to different noises coming from the engine or funny vibrations. The spark plugs should be changed anytime the engine is serviced and ensure to have extra spark plugs and a spanner.

Check The Fuel Lines

The fuel lines should be checked at least four times a year. Ensure that the fuel lines are not broken or have any cracks and the connections should not be corroded.

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Wash The Boat

The boat should be washed regularly with clean fresh water. Cleaning the boat with clean and fresh water ensures that any salty water build-up has been removed as this can cause corrosion to boat parts. During cleanup ensure to flush the motor.

What Are The Other Boat Maintenance Tips?

The boat maintenance tips are immense. They include checking the water pump from the motor to ensure that it has a strong discharge. This should be done regularly to ensure that the motor does not overheat due to a blocked cooling system as this can destroy the motor. Always ensure that the oil levels are checked three to four times a year. The oil should be changed once it starts changing color and it might require an expert if it starts going up the dipstick. Always check the hull and the prop for any visible damages, another essential maintenance tip is ensuring that the connections and joints are secure. Ensure that the storage facility is clean and does not have dirt that can accumulate on the boat and reduce its functionality.

What Is Boat Storage?

The boats require to be stored during certain seasons like winter when there are not many outdoor activities going on. Boat storage protects the boat from extreme weather conditions and keeps it ready for the next season. The most vital factor to consider is the type of storage you choose for your boat because it can affect the condition of the boat in the long run.

Boat Maintenance Tips: How To Choose The Best Storage Facility

How Many Types Of Boat Storage Are There?

How do you choose the best boat storage facility for your boat? First, we look at the various types of boat storage facilities:

Outdoor Storage

Outdoor storage is in the open and it is vulnerable to extreme weather elements. How do you choose the best outdoor storage facility? If you have a huge vessel that cannot be towed to the storage facility or cannot fit indoors then outdoor storage facilities will be the most appropriate. In the outdoor storage facility, the boat is not left exposed to the weather elements but it is covered with a shrink wrapping which protects it and also allows moist air out since it is vented. The upholstery is covered to protect from the sun. In other cases, some boat owners elect awnings over the boat to protect from the elements.

Storage Unit

A storage unit can offer you indoor and outdoor boat storage options. Some people buy boats but cannot keep them at home for diverse reasons. The storage unit is an appropriate facility if you live in an apartment or you cannot take the boat to the neighborhood for any reason. To grab a place to store your boat at the storage unit you can lease yearly and then you are guaranteed storage off-season and on-season. Advantages of the storage unit are that you can drop in and check on your boat and the security is good. Most storage units are inaccessible areas or high-traffic areas.

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Indoor Storage

The boat can be damaged by extreme weather conditions such as the sun and snow, and storing them indoors helps prevent them from aging. The boat is safe and secure from vandalism and theft. While the boat is stored indoors the owner can drop by and do the routine maintenance checks. Sometimes it is inconvenient to store a boat indoors especially if it is a large vessel or you do not have a spacious garage.

Dry Stack Storage

In dry stack storage, the boat is kept away from weather elements such as water, the sun, and snow among others. This ensures that the boat remains in good shape during storage. The boats are forklifted in a marina and shelved in a storage room that is covered and sometimes heated. Anytime you want to use the boat the dry stack storage allows easy retrieval.

What Factors Do You Consider When Choosing The Boat Storage Facility?

After looking at the various storage facilities, it is good to look into the best option for your boat. You can either decide on an indoor or outdoor storage facility depending on the size of your boat. What are the other factors that determine how to choose the boat storage facility? They are:


How does cost affect the decision you make regarding boat storage? The various units have different pricing depending on other factors. If the storage facility has a high flow of clients then the price might be high. If the area is not easily accessible then the pricing is a bit lower. Therefore you have to look at all the factors that will affect you and the boat. Outdoor storage facilities can lead to exposure to weather elements, which result in damages to the boat. The maintenance fees can be much more than looking for an indoor storage facility. Therefore ensure that you do not look for low-priced storage that will cost much more in maintenance.

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The storage facility you choose to keep your boat should be secured to ensure the safety of the boat. The boat should be safe from theft and vandalism. The storage facility should be sturdy such that it does not fall on the boats anytime. There should be security personnel guarding the premises and security surveillance devices such as cameras. The environment should be in a serene neighborhood too.

When Do You Plan To Use The Boat?

Do you plan to store the boat for the short term or long term? If you are planning storage for a few months then go for outdoor which is near the water bodies, because it will be easier to retrieve. However, if you are planning storage for the long term then look for indoor storage or dry stack storage as the boat will be safe from the weather elements.

What Is The Frequency Of Use Of Boats?

If you use the boat frequently do not invest in a costly storage facility and look for outdoor storage near the docks. However, if the boat is used occasionally the storage unit is the best since it can be leased, and the owner can access the boat when he wants to use it.


Ensure that the storage facility of your choice is easily accessible. It is essential to ensure that there is an easy movement for the boat during towing.


There are storage facilities that have multiple storage options, and it is good to look for one. Each of the storage options has advantages and disadvantages and therefore if one option does not appeal to you can change to the other. Outdoor and uncovered storage is cheaper but risky.


How spacious is the storage facility? Consider the size of your boat and the number of boats in that store to make a decision. The storage facility should be spacious because of retrieving the boats and to ensure that the area is not congested, which can cause damage to the boat. Small vessels can be stored indoors but, large vessels above 20 feet should be stored at the docks.


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