How Difficult is Spearfishing? (& What Do I Need)

For the spearfishing beginners, think about learning about everything required in this exciting fishing experience. How Difficult is Spearfishing? Is it Right for Me? With time you know that spearfishing is both exciting and at the same time challenging.

Spearfishing is one of the easiest forms of fishing, which started back many years ago. Thank you for the modern equipment, which is making spearfishing affordable and accessible activity. Also, there are many simple methods for helping you to learn about spearfishing successfully.

Spearfishing is all about taking a boat ride out in the water, getting wet and spearing fish. Above everything, there are necessary steps to take, compulsory equipment to owe, and other related stuff to make spearfishing as easy and safe as possible.

Below are comprehensive strategies someone should consider to start spearfishing successfully and help to decide how difficult is spearfishing and is it right for me.

You Need To Follow Your Trainer’s Instructions

How difficult is spearfishing? First, getting scuba diving lessons will help you to learn how to use breathing tools. Also, get trained on how to move deeper underwater without using this equipment. Again, learn the necessary types of dive and water sports, which you will use in spearfishing, and the right fish species to hunt.

Once you are done, register in specialized spearfishing classes to learn more about using spearfishing tools, safety practices, catch management, and other related important knowledge and skills which every fisher must have.

Apply For a Valid Fishing License

For you to access spearfishing activity, you will require a valid sport fishing license. Check within your local area to see all regulations and rules before taking any step in spearfishing.

You might also get more information from fishermen’s lifeguards, supply shops, dive shops, and experienced spears.

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Safety Should Come First

You should know that also spearfishing might be a dangerous activity, specifically for some individuals who fail to take the correct precautions. Safety must be the major aspect in your mind, during and also after every dive. Inside the lake or ocean, danger might present itself at any time.

For example, you can get tangled in the fishing nets, hit by a ship, or even end up drowning. As a result, you need to take all necessary safety measures and remember to keep your hand together with weapons to access them easily. Also, dive into surfaces that are not much advanced for your experience and skill level.

Buy The Appropriate Spearfishing Equipment

How Difficult is Spearfishing? Is it Right for Me?

There are wide varieties of selections when it comes to choosing spearfishing equipment and spear guns. You will find spearfishing very hard when you don’t carry the necessary tools. The bigger prey and strong currents, the more you will require heavy spear guns, careful experience and training. Therefore, before going for a spearfishing activity, make sure you got the following equipment’s and also know how to use them:

Buy The Right Spearfishing Wetsuit

A good suit is the only way to successfully find spearfishing easy since you might quickly get cold in this activity. Also, for someone to be protected from jellyfish, sunburn, abrasive reef, and spiny fish, you must get yourself a well-fitted and thick wetsuit.

The wetsuits are essentially manufactured for surfing and can also work in spearfishing, but the spearfishing wetsuit is precisely the perfect one. These spearfishing wetsuits are manufactured with a pad, which makes loading the spear gun against the chest more comfortable.

The Riffe, JBL, Body glove, and Xcel are among the excellent spearfishing wetsuits.

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You Will Need The Best Snorkel And Mask

Diving into any water surface with a leaky or foggy mask is putting your life in danger. This mask should fit on your face correctly without getting strapped to the head. Next, suck in the air through the nose to test if the mask will fall off. If it still firms on your face, then that will be the best selection. Also, to be sure you have the correct fit, visit the fishing equipment shop and attempt various masks until you get the right one.

Further, ask for the huge mask, which will provide the right-size of vision while spearfishing. Don’t tend to bother with some mask that got purge valves since they might easily break and pinch your nose, making the spearfishing difficult. Besides, you can prevent the fogging by simply rubbing the toothpaste in the inner side of your mask a few times. An effective J-shaped snorkel without splash valves or purge valves is all you require.

Do You Have a Spear Gun?

For the beginners in spearfishing, better to start with a less powerful and small gun. The wooden gun will be an excellent starter and will effectively work for you and even hunt huge fish in the future.

Also, the pole spears are abundant and helpful ways to get started with spearfishing. The pole spears are ideal for hinting in the shallow-surf water zones, where many of us started as beginners.

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Purchase a Weight Belt

The major and preferred spearfishing weight belts are made from rubber and got a rapid-release buckle. For someone to compensate for the buoyancy of a wetsuit, you will require a weight belt.

Since we are all different, someone should typically wear the correct amount of weight needed to allow the body to gets neutral buoyancy after exhaling on the surface.

For example, I wear a 5/4 mm wetsuit, and I always strap on around 10 and 12 pounds of the lead weights. Preferably, you can consider trying a good line around your belt and use it as an active fish stringer.

Get an Active Spearfishing Buddy

How difficult is spearfishing? Rule number one in spearfishing is that you should never dive alone.

You have heard some individuals who perished in the water, only because they were alone. In case of any risk, your diving partners can at least save your life or call for help. An extra arm will also help whenever your lugging dive equipment around, where sometimes the fish needs not only one but two arrows.

You Have to Buy Reliable Booties And Gloves

Good booties will eventually create a soft barrier and keep your inferior extremities warm. The gloves are designed to protect your fingers while you’re loading the spear gun and keeping you warm.

Consider looking for pair manufactured by Rifle precisely for spearfishing. But when the water is warm, garden gloves can work.

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You Will Need a Knife at Some Point In Spearfishing

This is the least commonly known tool in spearfishing but very useful. A knife can rapidly free you from any underwater obstructions or some water activities. Sometimes, when marine life gets injured by their speargun, the knives can be used to humanely and swiftly dispatch this situation. Still, when fish continues to suffer after getting shot, your knife will help you finish it and end the suffering.

Select a Clear And Clean Water Location

I know now you’re ready with spearfishing training and equipment. Next, target the clear and clean water since here you will get plenty of meandering fish. Be sure of the type of fish you want to hunt. Essentially, try to rent a kayak or locate the remote beach to get great tasting and healthy fish.

Begin With Low Water Spearfishing

Consider Fishing above the water line on shallow surfaces to access easy and safe spearfishing since this does not require the whole body submersion. Also, while in shallow water, use a snorkel to spearfish while entering the water for a short time. Further, you can stand in water, on rocks, or probably use a kayak while spearfishing in shallow water.

Go Free-Dive Spearfishing

This is an underwater technique of underwater spearfishing that requires all necessary breathing equipment. However, to successfully use this method, arch your back the same you dive into a swimming pool, breathe deeply, and follow all other guidelines you got from training.

Also, enter your head first and your fins next to allow your heft push towards the bottom. Quietly glide in the water and observe the ocean life while locating your anticipated fish.

Target And Spear Your Prey

Target the base skull where the fish spine connects to catch the fish and avoid long-suffering instantly. Also, get your spear ready while entering the water; it might not be easy to prepare it in water since your hands should be free as much as possible. While hunting focus on parrotfish, triggerfish, edible fish, smaller snapper, and lionfish, these are beneficial targets because many people are safer with this and enjoy their taste.

Hook Your Fish

After spearing the prey, hook the fish carrier or preferably place it in a safe location when you’re planning to do more spearfishing.


Spearfishing requires good technique, the right equipment, and concentration to spear and hunt the right fish underwater. I have reviewed everything you require in spearfishing in the above guide and you will be able to decide more easily how difficult is spearfishing and is it right for me. Consider going through to have smooth and successful spearfishing.


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