Jet Ski Warranties: A Comparison Of What Each Brand Offer

There is no better feeling than jetting across the water and catching the waves on a PWC. There are many trusted providers for these vessels in the industry today. Also, no two brands are the same. They differ in many aspects, from their products to the features and even jet ski warranties offered for each product. These brands have varying policies regarding the guarantees provided for their products.

Nowadays, jet skis are more complex than ever as they are made of a wide variety of technological components and moving mechanical parts. The jet ski warranties are useful as they help reduce the financial impact of unexpected and potentially high-cost repairs of mechanical failures or faults if your watercraft breaks down.

To point you in the right direction, we have outlined the full comparison of the different jet ski warranties offered by the other renowned jet skis brands in this industry. This article, Jet Ski Warranties: A Comparison Of What Each Brand Offer, may come in handy to help you determine what to buy based on your needs. The leading jet skis brands include Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Sea-Doo.

Benefits Of An Extended Jet Ski Warranty

Both new and used jet skis are covered by the warranties, as per most brands. It is also possible to extend the manufacturer’s warranty if you please. Once you have used the watercraft long term, it starts to age, and with age comes a higher risk of breakdown or failure of the parts. Therefore, it is critical at this point to extend your warranty if the original manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

Jet Ski Warranties: A Comparison Of What Each Brand Offer

Thankfully, there is a wide range of jet ski warranties that are available to suit various models, makes, age, your budget, and the level of cover that is required.

Below are some of the benefits that come with extending the warranty of your jet ski.

  • The jet ski warranty helps to reduce the costs to be incurred in case of unprecedented mechanical failure.
  • This warranty covers both the labor and parts.
  • It offers unlimited claims.
  • There is a comprehensive range of components covered in the warranty.
  • The warranty is fully transferable to a subsequent owner if you wish to sell the PWC.
  • It involves a simple no-form claims process.
  • You get to save money that you would have spent buying a new or second-hand jet ski.
  • There are up to 5 years of warranties available to enjoy peace of mind long term.
  • You can easily finance the premium on your credit contract.
  • You can sell your jet ski to a happy buyer worry-free.

1. Kawasaki Jet Ski Product Warranties

Kawasaki has long since been in the Jet Ski industry. Its jet ski product range, in particular, has been a vital part of this brand for over 47 years. This Jet Ski range has captured imaginations and pushed the evolution of Kawasaki products through their supercharged engines and four-stroke stand-up products.

The KMA (Kawasaki Motors Australia) is behind the outstanding quality of this Jet Ski product range. And as if that was not enough, they have implemented an impressive 5-year warranty on all their new products in their ground-breaking initiative.

This new implementation will see Kawasaki being the top leader in the industry of jet skis. This 5-year warranty applies to all the jet ski units imported by the KMA and subsequently sold through the Kawasaki dealership network.

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What Models Are Eligible For The 5-year Warranty?

The eligible models for this warranty include all the new jet ski products imported by KMA and subsequently sold by authorized Kawasaki dealers. These include the Jet ski ultra 310LX, Jet ski ultra 310X, jet ski ultra LX, jet ski STX 160LX, jet ski STX 160x, jet ski ultra 310R, and jet ski SX-R.

When Does The Warranty Start?

The newly implemented warranty on the jet ski products by Kawasaki has been effective since the 1st of June 2020.

2. Yamaha Limited Warranty

The Yamaha Motor Corporation is based in the USA and one of the renowned brands for the manufacture of jet skis, among other power-driven machinery. The Waverunner watercraft has been one of its best-selling products. This brand has implemented a new warranty policy applying to this particular model.

The limited warranty will apply to any new Waverunner watercraft purchased from any authorized Yamaha dealers in the US. The policy states that the product will be defects- free in artistry and material for the stated period and is subject to some stated limitations.

The Warranty Period

Any of the new Waverunner watercraft purchased for leisure use has a warranty of 1 year commencing from the purchase date. This is subject to some exclusions stated. If the Waverunner watercraft is purchased for commercial purposes, then the warranty period is 90 days commencing from the purchase date- also subject to some exclusions stated.

The product range battery is covered in the warranty against any defects in workmanship and material for 30 days commencing from the purchase date if the vessel is either for commercial or pleasure use. The replacement parts used in the warranty repairs are covered in the warranty for the balance during the warranty period.

Customer’s Responsibility

For the product to be eligible for the warranty, there are specific customer responsibilities to be upheld. The customer should maintain, operate, and store the Yamaha Waverunner watercraft appropriately as dictated in the owner’s manual.

The customer is also required to give notice or report to an authorized dealer nearest to him of any. If not, all the apparent defects in ten days after their discovery. They should avail the machine at the inspection time at the place of business of the dealer.

Obtaining Repairs Under The Warranty

The warranty policy goes on to state that during the warranty period, any of the authorized Yamaha Dealers working with Waverunner watercraft will replace or repair any part that is adjudged defective because of faulty material or workmanship from the Yamaha factory.

This will be done free of charge and at Yamaha’s options. The Yamaha Motor Corporation will take possession of all the parts that were replaced during the warranty period.

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The Parts Not Covered By The Warranty

Several parts are excluded from the Yamaha warranty for the Waverunner watercraft. These include the parts that were replaced due to routine maintenance or everyday wear, like fuel filters, spark plugs, oils, anodes, liner, and impeller. Moreover, the charges incurred during transportation of the vessel to and from the dealer are not covered in the warranty.

General Exclusions

The exclusions as stated in the warranty include the failures that may be caused by improper maintenance and off-season storage as specified in the owner’s manual.

  • Racing or competition use, abnormal strain, and modification of the original parts
  • Use of lubricants, fuels, and oils that are not suitable for the Waverunner watercraft.
  • Installation of accessories or parts not equivalent in quality and design to the authentic Yamaha parts
  • Damage resulting from improper transportation.
  • Normal deterioration.
  • Gel coating cracks from stress.
  • Damage resulting from accidents, submersion, or collisions.

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Warranty Transfer

During warranty transfer from the original owner to the subsequent buyers, the watercraft is subject to inspection and registration of the warranty. An authorized Yamaha dealer should do this.

For the warranty to remain effective, the registration and the assessment should be carried out within ten days after transferring the ownership to a subsequent buyer.

Emission Control Warranty

The Yamaha warranty informs the original buyer and the subsequent owner(s) that the components of the exhaust emission system on the engine are built, designed and equipped to conform with the applicable regulations stipulated under section 213 of the Clean Air Act on the purchase date.

The engine is also defect-free in workmanship and materials, which causes it to fail to conform with the applicable regulations for 175 operation hours or 30 months commencing from the purchase date.

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3. Sea-Doo Warranty Policies

This brand’s warranty services allow you to focus on the vessel and enjoy each minute you spend with it.

Extending The Warranty Coverage

Sea-Doo offers 12, 24, and 36-month coverage warranties that apply beyond the initial manufacturer’s limited warranty on most of its products. This warranty commences when the original warranty expires. Moreover, with this, you can still enjoy nationwide services worry-free. The repairs you may need can be done via any BRP dealers authorized in North America.

Fully Transferable

Another thing is, this warranty is fully transferable free of charge. The subsequent buyers can still enjoy the warranty coverage in case of any failures or breakdowns.

Genuine BRP Parts

This warranty offers guaranteed services from all BRP-certified technicians and uses only authentic parts for any repairs or replacements. You can therefore be assured that your watercraft will run smoothly as it was when new.

Unlimited Mileage Protection

This new warranty does not saddle its beneficiaries with time or mileage restrictions. They ensure that your watercraft is reliable and you can get the ultimate enjoyment using it.

Seal Skin Covers Warranty Policy

The covers manufactured by Seal Skin will directly meet your marine needs. Moreover, they guarantee their beneficiaries high-quality covers at affordable prices, so you are not left behind. These covers are defect-free in both workmanship and materials. The period of warranty of all the products starts from the date of purchase by the ultimate buyer.

The warranty covers repair or replacement of any product that, under normal conditions, and was installed correctly, is defective in workmanship or material. However, this warranty is only limited to the original owner and thus not transferable to any subsequent owners. The warranty does not cover any failures caused by negligence, misuse, improper application, or using unauthorized parts.


If you intend to purchase a jet ski, the warranty is one of the critical factors you look out for. Hopefully, this article, Jet Ski Warranties: A Comparison Of What Each Brand Offer, has provided you with all the information you need regarding warranties from the industry’s leading brands. These warranty deals are customer-friendly and will serve you long term.


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