Most Powerful Tugboats In The World (With Specifications)

Tugboats are potent vessels that assist in pushing ships to the ports. It must have so much strength in it to successfully do this. The power of tugboats is measured based on the bollard pull it has. However, which are the Most Powerful Tugboats in the World?

Most Powerful Tugboats In The World

Tugboat nameBollard pullLength WidthTotal Power
Skandi Iguaca 340 metric tons95 meters24 meters
Skandi Skansen107,2 meters24 meters18.350 kW (25.000hp)
Skandi Vega350 metric tons
Skandi Hercules354 metric tons109,5 meters24 meters18.350 kW (25.000hp)
KL Sandefjord390 metric tons26.000 kW (36.000hp)
KL Saltfjord397 metric tons95,2 meters24 meters26.000 kW (36.000hp)
Lewek Fulmar402 metric tons93,4 meters22 meters24.454 kW (29.220hp)
Boka Falcon403 metric tons93,4 meters22 meters21.961 kW (29.911hp)
Far Samson423 metric tons121,5 meters26 meters30.103 kW (41.000hp)
Island Victory477 metric tons 123 meters25 meters31.483 kW (42.880hp)

This article provides you with the most powerful tugboats in the world and further information about them. This way, you get to know this and not contact the wrong information from people out there.

What Are The Most Powerful Tugboats In The World?

10. Skandi Iguacu

Skandi Iguacu tugboat holds the number ten position of the most powerful tugboats in the world. The tugboat is 95 meters in length and 24 meters in width in size and can accommodate up to sixty people. The size of this tugboat does not mean that it is not decisive, as the bollard pull is 340 tons.

9. Skandi Skansen

The Skandi Skansen is not as powerful as Skandi Vega, even though it is from the same manufacturer. The size of this tugboat is 107.20 meters in length and 24 meters in width. The power it possesses is 18,350Kw (25,000hp).

8. Skandi Vega

Skandi Vega tugboat is similar to the Skandi Hercules. The only difference is the fact that the bollard pull is at 350 tons. This is a powerful vessel that will not disappoint.

7. Skandi Hercules

Skandi Hercules tugboat has been in service for twenty-one years and is considered one of the most powerful tugboats in the world due to the great features it possesses. These features include the bollard pull, 354tons, and the engine power, which is 18,350kW (25,000hp). When it comes to its length and width, it is 109.50 meters long and 24meters wide. It can accommodate approximately 90 people.

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6. KL Sandefjord

The KL Sandefjord is a K-Line tugboat similar to the KL Saltjford except for the bollard pull, which is 390tons. This means that its power is 26,000kW (36,000hp), and one of the most powerful tugboats in the world.

5. KL Saltfjord

KL Saltfjord is the fifth most powerful tugboats in the world. The 95.20 meters long and 24 meters wide vessel has a bollard pull of 397tons and an engine power of over 26,000kW (36,000hp).

4. Lewek Fulmar

As one of the most powerful tugboats in the world, Lewek Fulmar has the power of 21,454kW (29,220hp) and 402 metric tons. It is the fourth powerful tugboat and is 93.40 meters long and 22 meters wide.

3. Boka Falcon

As the third most powerful tugboats in the world, Boka Falcon, tugboat is 22 meters wide and 93.40 meters long. The engine power is 21,961 kW (29,911hp) and a pull of 403 tons.

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2. Far Samson

Far Samson is a tugboat that is the second most powerful tugboats in the world. It was the first, but Island Victory came into existence last year. This tugboat’s bollard bull is 423tons. This ship is 121.5 meters long and 26 meters wide. The total power of this vessel is 30,103kW (41000hp).

1. Island Victory

This tugboat is considered one of the most powerful tugboats in the world due to how strong its bollard pull is. The pull is 477 metric tons, allowing it to hold the first position as the strongest ship ever. This tugboat started its service last year and took the then-powerful tugboat, Far Samson’s place. The boat is 25meters wide and 123 meters long. The power of this vessel is 31,483kW (42,880hp).

What Are Tugboats?

Tugboats are water vessels in boats that help push large vessels like oil rigs, ships, or barges. Mainly used in maritime transportation. Tugboats may seem small in size but are very powerful due to their structural being as there is a lot of engineering involved.

Functions Of Tugboats

1. It can help with fighting a fire in ports as they have accessories that allow them to. This happens when there is a fire within the dock or on the ships.

2. Assisting vessels to get to where they are supposed to be, such as ships.

3. During the bad weather, they save the boats in the waters to get to the ports safely. Without tugboats, it would be challenging for ships to get to the dock safely as the weather can break the operations of a whole boat.

4. Tugboats work as icebreakers and also savage boats.

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Types of Tugboats

1. Conventional Tugs

These tugs have been existing since the days of our forefathers, but due to the advancement of technology, they have been updated. They now run using a diesel engine and have propellers. Operating these tugs is cost-effective as they require low costs to operate.

2. Eco-Tugs

Eco-tugs are the kind of tugs with LNG, which is the running fuel, and the best part about these tugs is that they are eco-friendly. They do not cause harm or pollution to nature while escorting vessels

3. Tractor Tug

Tractor tug is the best for maneuverability as they have the thrust units placed side by side, which makes this possible. This tug can have a full thrust of 360 degrees and above. It is easy to navigate the control system, which means that the chances of capsizing are low.

4. Azimuthal Stern Drive Tugs

These tugs are mostly referred to as ASD tugs and work more efficiently than conventional tugs. This is because they are very stable when it comes to their speed. They are easy to maintain, and even repair need be.

5. Giano Tug

This tug is a good choice as it allows for both support and escort tugging. To operate and control it, you have to use a remote control system. The Giano tug cab has a 360 degrees’ rotation, and its speed is excellent.

6. Ice Tugs

These tugboats are best for icebreaking, which enable barges and ferries to manage to reach their destination. They clear the way for these vessels and help escort them to the port.

Factors That Lead To The Usage Of Tugboats

1. The Laws Of The Area The Port Is Located

Local laws need to be respected, and the use of tugboats depends on what the regulations state. There is no way a tugboat will be used in an area where the law is against it. If the law allows, then there is no reason not to, as there is no fear of dealing with the authorities.

2. Obstacles

The kind of issue that has risen can either need the assistance of a tugboat or not. It depends on the situation at hand and whether there is a more complex situation that requires the tugboats.

3. Environmental Protection

If by any means the tugboat will cause harm to the environment or go against the conditions set aside when it comes to the environment, there is a chance that you will not be using it.

4. Types Of Ships

There is no way, tugboats will be used on any ship. Tugboats are for large boats, which means that not every vessel can be served by a tugboat as there are specifics.

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What Are The Types Of Jobs On a Tugboat?

1. Captain

Being a captain is a job you can get in a tugboat. To become a captain, you need to have certification showing you are qualified to be a captain. The certification indicates that you know about tugboat operations and functions.

As a captain, you will also require an STCW 95 certificate and be a person with the skills to lead. The most powerful tugboats in the world have very experienced captains.

2. The Mate

This is a person who works hand in hand with the captain to provide the best results as he or she ensures that operations are running without a hitch. To get a job as a mate, you will need certification regarding the tonnage of the tugboat and an STCW 95.

3. An Engineer

A tugboat requires the services of an engineer as it is a machine also, which means it may require repairs now and then. You can get an engineering job in a tugboat, and to become one; you need to have a degree in marine engineering and an STCW 95 certificate. The engineer gets to inspect the tugboats to make sure that they will work efficiently.

4. Tugboat Deckhand

One can work as a deckhand in a tugboat as long as one can be physically upright as there is always a physical exam for you to do. Once you have passed it, you get the chance to be considered for the position. The deckhand is responsible for cleaning decks, cabins and setting up the rigs. Even the most powerful tugboats in the world need deckhands.


The Skandi ships in the above list of the most powerful tugboats in the world are owned by Norwegian DOF. These are the most powerful tugboats in the world today. They operate well and are designed for specific operations. Tugboats are very impressive as they may look tiny but do great works that other boats cannot carry out. Tugboats are the best for marine transportation and also towing ships to the port.


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