The Last Paddle Board Brand List You’ll Ever Need (Buyer’s Guide)

Stand-up paddle boarding has gained popularity worldwide since its invention. That is why most paddle board buyers want to know the last paddle board brands list you will ever need. The list of paddle board makers is long, but only a few have a reputable and respectable history and reputation. If you need a paddleboard with outstanding performance, reliability, and durability, then you have to get it from the best paddle board brand.

The Last Paddle Board Brand List:

  1. Stand On Liquid
  2. Boardworks Surfs
  3. Connelly
  4. Bay Sports
  5. iRocker SUP
  6. Thurso Surf
  8. Bluefin
  9. Goplus
  10. BOTE Board
  11. Pau Hana

Best All-Around Paddle Board Brands

This list of the best all-around paddleboard brands is for you if you want to know the top best, reliable and reputable paddle board brands. Their products have worn many customers’ hearts and assured them the safety of getting through even the most substantial waves with their equipment.

The Last Paddle Board Brands List You’ll Ever Need

What’s more, their products are outstanding in performance, reliability, durability, and you are sure to have the time of your life with them. Read on to know the last paddle board brands list you will ever need.

Paddle Board Brand – Stand On Liquid

The Stand On Liquid has been in the industry for more than ten years, and since then, it has retained its good name when it comes to expertise in the durable construction of paddleboards.

Initially, this brand focused exclusively on the manufacture of SUP boards.

As years passed, they delved into other projects like paddles and other sports accessories, building their reputation even more.

The brand’s core values are durability, quality, and affordability- there is always something for everyone.

Moreover, the brand always focuses on improving its models’ technological capabilities to develop surfer-friendly models.

On top of that, Stand On Liquid brand has made an effort with each model to ensure they are outstanding compared to their counterparts from other brands. They have been successful in doing this since the 20th century.

And in this era when longboards and shortboards are popular, you have their word that they will excel and produce models that exceed your expectations.

Stand On Liquid expanded their market by producing SUP boards in different sizes so everyone can get their fit. These boards gained fame within years, making Stand On Liquid the go-to brand for many.

This manufacturer stands out for the impressive technology adopted to improve its SUP boards to suit a wide range of surfing requirements and needs.

The most popular Stand On Liquid models is the Namaste 10′ Inflatable yoga paddle board and the Good Vibes Superlite that are light, maneuverable, and affordable.

Most of the models by this company are designed for a far-reaching and quicker turn. It also boasts models that can boost rail line rockers allowing users to enjoy a tight and more controlled turning. This is the manufacturer to count on with the durability of their products.

According to customer reviews, the boards can endure wind-buffed barrels. Their boards are highly recommended. That’s why we provide it here in The Last paddle board brands List You’ll Ever Need.

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Boardworks Surfs

When it comes to the most trusted and reliable brand for soft-top surfboards in the U. K and the U.S, only one name comes to mind: Boardworks Surfs. It has created a name for itself with its good reputation across continents.

This brand manufactures mainly cost-effective yet premium quality surfboards and beach accessories for experienced and professional athletes alike.

However, the highest percentage of customers are beginners, thanks to their popular entry-level surfboards. The experienced riders also have a wide selection of Boardworks Surfs models to choose from.

What’s more is, this company offers hybrid surfboards with a soft-top design which are well suited for the smaller waves. There are also paddle boards designed for accustoming.

Broadworks Surfs employs the latest and most advanced technologies for those unaware, including the tri-fin system and IXPE foam construction.

They work to ensure that their customers are well updated and connected to the mainstream. Professional and advanced riders are assured a great time at sea with such capabilities and will easily rip through waves.

This company offers almost everything you may need to enhance your skills. It prides itself on an impressive beach accessory and surfboard lineup of premium quality and versatility.

Additionally, being a c Native American, Broadworks Surfs ensures all its products are environment-friendly and are constructed with hard-wearing yet sustainable materials.

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Paddle Board Brand – Connelly

The history of this company is pretty interesting. It was founded by a zealous surfer who, since his teenage years, has been surfing.

In a matter of time, he started the small Connelly business. He put extra effort and time into developing unique, powerful, and well-designed surfboards.

Thanks to his hard work, his company is one of the few in today’s market that brags attention to detail. You can see this from the leash plugs with a Future fins design to the Colan carbon inlays with unbeatable fabrication.

Connelly is well-loved by many surfers as it offers heavy-duty models for all surfing levels. You are sure to find one to meet your needs, whether you need something competitive or one for your 10-year-old son.

These SUP boards have proudly made an appearance in most of the international and national competitions.

As a competitive SUP brand, it promises to continue to design impactful innovations in its surfboard engineering for the best performance.

Bay Sports

Bay Sports has brought its A-game in surfboard engineering with every year of experience. This has been after a struggle of acceptance to being among the most competitive and successful companies in the market.

This brand’s core value is humanity so that you can count on models constructed with environment-friendly materials.

Moreover, their main objective is to keep things sustainable, yet with innovative construction and design delivering top-level and high-performing surfboards.

Moreover, this company has committed to achieving zero landfills. This has been made possible by keeping out the EPS foam dust and tuning materials into walkable elements.

An outstanding feature of all Bay Sports models the patented sandwich blank conduction, which works to deliver a sturdier yet lighter design.

The technique provides slighter density on all the boards. For the shells, the manufacturer uses epoxy resin and fiberglass.

Bay Sports has embraced other advanced technologies to improve its models’ overall design. They include the Entropy bio-resin hot coat, lightweight EPS core, and its parabolic rail construction.

These technologies have graciously earned several awards and recognitions. Therefore, if the latest technology is what you are after, then consider the Bay Sports products.

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Paddle Board Brand – iRocker SUP

iRocker is yet another customer-trusted manufacturer in producing innovative, original, and high-quality boards for its customers. Passionate riders founded it with a great understanding of the way of the waves.

Over the years, it has risen from being a local company to an organization and still grows to this day, catering to various surfer’s needs and helping them improve their skills. It is among the influential companies in the surf industry.

When longboards and shortboards were made by mere plastic materials and just 12-feet long, this company gave its word to improve them.

And since then, they have lived up to their word by developing ultra-modern and rewarding surfboards.

You may have seen famous riders using their products in some of the national and international competitions. They indeed deliver in performance and durability making it a trusted brand worldwide.

Currently, this brand manufactures SUP boards for advanced and beginner riders alike. Their success grows over the years.

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Thurso Surf

This brand joins hands with others to help both professional and beginner riders to improve their skills. Shenglong You first established it in the 2000s.

The manufacturer adopted a better strategy in the marketing sector after low sales in the first years. This was followed by the brand gaining more popularity and producing a variety of SUP models.

If you are in search of an appealing surfboard, you should go for the Thurso Surf products. They have majored in various color combinations and visual designs due to the very gifted graphic artists chosen by Shenglong You.

Besides attractive design, you can also count on their models for sturdiness. It is a famous brand among professional riders as they quickly find a SUP board that can suit all their performance requirements in preparation for a competition or training. Thurso Surfboards are worth a try, regardless of your surfing skills.


This Hawaiian SUP brand is also a trusted one, having been in the industry for many years. It attained its popularity thanks to its tremendous and high-performance entry-level surfboards. It is, therefore, no surprise why many of the Hawaiian riders go for this brand.

The highly recommended and most competitive boards from the KIALOA brand include the Napali II inflatable and the Napali II fusion.

These particular models have taken over the surf industry with overwhelmingly positive reviews, some of which are from professional riders, thanks to their maneuverability and top speed.

With time, the Americans, British, and Australian riders have also embraced KIALOA boards for their professional use. It has been reviewed as the brand with the perfect combination of big waves and modern technology.

If you intend to purchase a speedy surfboard for competition or practice, take some time to check KIALOA models, and you will not regret it. The products are well sturdy- another reason why they are popular.

Unlike other brands, the surfboards from KIALOA are fuller, making them stable. There is a wide range of options to choose from.

Paddle Board Brand – Bluefin

Bluefin is inspired by up-to-date technology and design to create SUP boards that are beginner-friendly and also advanced.

It has been around since the 20th century and is renowned for its award-winning and best-selling model named Cruise Carbon. This particular model gained numerous positive reviews across the U.S and Australia.

The manufacturing process that Bluefin undertakes is slightly different from other competitors. They employ patented FutureFlex technology and customized PE applications.

Their primary goal has always been to offer impressive innovation and maximum functionality for all surfers. Bluefin prides in a wide range of SUO boards with appealing and sleek designs for all their customers.

Moreover, they always keep their competitors on their feet by introducing different surfboard ideas and exceptional upgrades from precursor models. Several experts vouch for this brand in competitions.

The owner claims that the products have advanced with time to more surfer-friendly models. So, for both professionals and beginners, there is plenty of options to choose from.


Goplus prides itself in boards with unique features and sleek design. Thus, making it the go-to for many advanced intermediates and novices in the U.S. Many surf schools get their training surfboards from the Goplus Company as they are affordable and do not compromise quality.

Moreover, the unique products are well-loved by many worldwide. Goplus remains to be at the top with each coming year, thanks to their innovative and conventional ideas that make the SUP boards available to people of all ages.

Furthermore, this company is at the forefront of ensuring the products are of the highest quality by using safe and premium quality materials. Their best-selling model is the Isup 11.

The products are also renowned for their exceptional responsiveness, which creates convenience and comfort on sharp turns. This makes it a popular choice among advanced players as well as novices.

Goplus boasts of great designs of their SUP boards that customers love. The double concave design at the bottom, for instance, promotes a better drive.

Stability is not an issue with these boards, thanks to the surfboards’ adherent materials that ensure your feet comfortably grip the bottom. The surfboards are also conveniently firm and offer you a wide selection to choose from.

BOTE Board

This list would not be complete without the BOTE Board brand. This company has gained popularity in numerous countries, including Australia, United States, and the United Kingdom.

Since it was founded in 2008, this brand has risen in the ranks to become a trusted and reliable company in the industry.

It has consistently produced quality products and always strives to improve them as it maintains its spot among the world’s best brands.

The company sells pretty much anything offering various products. You are sure to find something that will meet your surfing needs one way or another.

So, if you are searching for kayak boats, SUP boards, surfboards, paddles, and so on, BOTE Board is your one-stop-shop.

When it comes to manufacturing, this company uses customer model materials featuring laminated wood stringers with multiple layers to craft the SUP boards.

Moreover, they employ the high-density and robust XPE and IXPE to create their heat-laminated products. Noticeably, this brand focuses exclusively on its product’s drive.

The customers can find boards that you can easily control no matter the wave condition and size. You will also notice that their products are thicker, but it does not compromise the performance.

Pau Hana

Pau Hana company became famous because of its hybrid paddleboards with the perfect blend of foam and fiberglass.

The materials provide better stability and buoyancy and help the riders transition to shortboards.

That was very thoughtful, considering how challenging it is to make a switch. Irrespective of the rail, length, and design of the board, the Pau Hana strives to create products similar to fiberglass boards.

And for a similar high-quality construction, the products are at an affordable price. Experts recommend these boards to novices as the materials are a good value for your money.

The famous and best-selling models from Pau Hana include Moon Mist TPU Inflatable, Calypso All-around SUP, Endurance Air Touring Board, and the Big EZ Hawaiian Ai.

These boards promise durability with high-quality foam. They feature an EPS core, challenging PP bottom, and EPE deck for a sturdy build.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a SUP Board Brand?

Here are some factors you need to consider when rating the best paddle board companies.


Before you could say the company is reliable, research first. Of course, you have the last paddle board brands list you will ever need to consider when buying your best paddleboard.

But you still have to buy from one of the many brands listed. Read the customer reviews and know more about the company before investing in their product.

If the customers praise the product, you can give them a shot by picking the best product in their catalog.


Warranty is an essential agreement between the seller/maker and buyer. It’s a sign of how good the product quality is and its trust with their artistry.

The best brand will trust their product making and give you a desirable warranty cover with a desirable warranty period.

Paddle Boards Construction

Check the materials each brand uses in making their paddle boards. The main paddle construction is a soft top, inflatable, and epoxy.

Inflatables are well suited for those who do not have adequate storage space at home or need travel boards.

Epoxy boards are suitable for those looking for better performance, glide, and control. And if you have plenty of storage, it is a good option.

Soft-top constructed boards are for those on a tight budget. It is also good if you have ample storage.


Choosing the ideal SUP brand is always a matter of personal preferences, your lifestyle, budget, and skills. It is important to research first if you are a beginner. The companies above have many years of experience and create high-performance and entry-level SUP boards. The Last paddle board brands List You’ll Ever Need.


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