What Is The Best Offshore Boat For Tuna Fishing? (With Pictures)

Do you need to go tuna fishing offshore? Then you will need the right boat for the job. In this case, we are talking about size, comfort, and performance, complete with good fishing features. The market right now is wealthy with excellent fishing vessels. But what is the best offshore boat for tuna fishing?

Below we have outlined some of the boats that are ideal for offshore tuna fishing. We tested so you can rest assured they are nothing but the best. These boats offer offshore capabilities, key safety features, and an acceptable range. In your search for offshore vessels, these should be top of your list.

1. Boston Whaler 270 Dauntless

The 270 Dauntless is one of Whaler’s most remarkable feat in boating technology. This versatile boat is well suited for fishing offshore, inshore, and nearshore. It comes with a spacious cockpit with a leaning post equipped with a 94-quart cooler and four-rod holders for your offshore tuna fishing needs.

What Is The Best Offshore Boat For Tuna Fishing?

Likewise, this boat offers you several fishing options, including the deluxe helm station, an integrated hardtop, three-drawer storage, and a 30-gallon Livewell. Additionally, it comes with an innovation of convertible bench aft seating so you can convert it quickly and smoothly, forming a comfortable, relaxing space or a vast casting platform.

On top of that, its ample storage garage located at the front of the console is an added advantage for tuna fishing. This provides the storage needed for all your fishing gear as well as the safety gear. Furthermore, the top of the garage also served as a beautiful lounge for relaxing or a nap. However, this boat is on the expensive side and not for those on a budget.


  • This boat is feature-packed with fishing equipment
  • It offers plenty of seating options
  • It is comfortable and luxurious
  • It has plenty of storage


  • This boat has a high price range

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2. Cobia 296 cc

The Cobia 296 CC has indeed made a mark on the market. Customers cannot stop praising it thanks to its impressive layout and its ability to double as a hardcore offshore tuna fishing boat performing superbly on seas.

What Is The Best Offshore Boat For Tuna Fishing?

Furthermore, this boat offers comfort like no other. It comes with comfortable features such as seating, a forward-entry console with a step-down head, and a hide-away table located at the bow. And beyond the features on plain sight, this boat is constructed with great detail in the bilge, under the hatches, among other places.

Another thing is, this boat does not compromise on quality. This can be seen in the premium materials used on every part. Furthermore, the new models of this boat came with numerous upgrades on the bilge access and electronic bow table for an even better experience. Moreover, the model tested had the latest seating upgrade and an enjoyable, comfortable experience.


  • It has been upgraded for enhanced functionality and performance
  • It offers a comfortable boating experience
  • It has great and detailed construction
  • The features have real utility


  • The positioning of the dive door and handle could be better
  • It is on the expensive side

3. Scout 420 LXF

The 420 LXF by Scout has been growing in popularity since its introduction into the market. You may have come across it in the many publications, shows, and cover pages of magazines. This offshore boat has a beautiful aesthetic with yacht-like amenities that attract even the most discriminating of fishermen.

What Is The Best Offshore Boat For Tuna Fishing?

Moreover, it became its customers’ favorite offshore boat for tuna fishing with its impressive fuel efficiency and speeds. This boat comes with other unique features, such as a performance-leaning post and a digital control system.

Furthermore, this offshore boat comes equipped with many amenities not included in other boats of a similar size, making it one of the best offshore boats for tuna fishing. You will also notice the epoxy-infused hull hence its outstanding performance. Also, this boat features a larger aerated baitwell, two retractable water hoses, and starboard floor fish boxes, especially for onboard anglers.


  • The epoxy-infused hull gives the boat outstanding performance
  • It comes with features for onboard anglers
  • It offers a performance leaning post option
  • It boasts of fuel efficiency and speed


  • Limited to offshore tuna fishing
  • The storage space could be increased

4. Everglades 435 CC

Everglades 435 CC is a top choice for many offshore enthusiasts. In terms of versatility, Everglades 435 CC got it down to a T. It comes feature-packed with tuna fishing features, including a 300-gallon Livewell, cooler storage, and fish box.

What Is The Best Offshore Boat For Tuna Fishing?

Additionally, you can enjoy the tons of shackle and rod storage and the many amenities and comforts well needed for cruising. Its fit and finish are unmatched, with a sizeable cabin to boot.

What’s more, is, this offshore boat adopts the RAMCAP construction technique and a fully retractable sliding-glass windshield. Also, it offers its customers a five-year stern-to-stern warranty and lifetime hull warranty.

All the surfaces above and below the deck were well finished giving it a great look. Having been in the market for not more than two years, this model has had various upgrades on the vinyl options and cabin interiors. It gained many fans since it was debuted.


  • It comes with several comforts and amenities for tuna fishing
  • This boat is made with a high-tech construction technique
  • It offers customers a lifetime hull warranty
  • It is very versatile


  • It is still lagging behind its competitors in terms of technology.

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5. Grady-White Express 330

From the barrage of positive reviews online, the Grady-White Express 330 exceeds customers’ expectations. It notably features a unique center helm design that makes it well suited for offshore tuna fishing, thanks to its excellent visibility.

Additionally, at first glance, you will notice the cockpit arrangement that features a spacious work area and an ample Livewell that has the ideal height for rigging and netting live baits. A fisherman’s dream indeed!

Besides, other features that make this boat stand out from its competitors to include an apt seat that you can flip down when you want to socialize at the dock and the ample seating area located beneath the hardtop.

On top of that, this boat set a new boating standard, particularly for offshore tuna fishing, upon its debut. Other boats are yet to outdo their innovation and quality level. Our model featured an upgraded cabin interior and redesigned helm.

Also, the integrated windshield comes in handy when you’re out in the water. This boat has an undeniable broad appeal among many fishermen, long-range island hoppers, and families alike.


  • It offers a spacious area for its passengers
  • It set a new standard in innovation and quality
  • This boat comes with an ample Livewell at the perfect height
  • The upgrades enhance its performance


  • Not suitable for those on a budget
  • The storage spaces could be increased

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6. Invincible 36

Just a day out in the water with the Invincible 36 is enough for you to conclude that it is indeed invincible. This 36-foot center console was designed by a skilled architect, evident by its stepped-vee ventilated tunnel hull design. The rising customer demand of this brand and it’s higher grandstanding from its peers of this size can be attributed to its unique design, its resulting performance, and smooth ride.

In addition, it comes complete with a quality build and an impressive fit and finish. Since its debut in 2007, the model has undergone several upgrades and modifications to produce the near-perfect model. The deck layout has a new look, the center console and all other features have been improved to enhance user experience.

Additionally, Invincible 36 is among the best offshore fishing boats for tuna fishing for a good reason. The new side entry console, upgraded hardtop, and new seating options. Running the Invincible 36 was a good experience- controlling it was a breeze thanks to the U-Flex power-assist hydraulic steering.

The hull design contributes to the speed boost and increases in fuel efficiency. It also offers the lowest drag coefficient compared to any other monohull. This boat provides serious offshore fishability for its enthusiasts.


  • It comes with a performance-enhancing stepped-vee ventilated tunnel hull
  • This boat has an upgraded and modified deck layout and center console
  • It is equipped with two live wells and other tuna fishing amenities
  • It features an impeccable fit and finishes


  • This model is outperformed by many of its competitors of the same size
  • It is still a work in progress with upgrades

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7. Jupiter 34 HFS

Jupiter 34 HFS is an excellent value for its money, as concluded from the customer reviews. Its build draws anglers as it had their needs in mind. This hybrid forward seating model comes with an additional standing area in front of the forward seating offering a more comfortable tuna fishing experience and easier access to the anchor locker.

This new hybrid version took the market by surprise and became popular almost immediately. Its large size stands in good favor as it can cross any sea condition, yet small enough for your offshore tuna fishing or to trailer it.

Another thing is, there are molded-in steps so we could board the boat easily. This new model comes with an additional 10 inches on the bilge hatch that facilitates easy access to onboard systems and a redesigned transom area that opens a path.

Also, the material quality is notable- every part is built with only quality materials with an impressive fit and finish. This custom center console combines luxury styling, incomparable fishability, and exceptional performance. We loved this model is comfortable and luxurious; it also has a large fiberglass shade top that provided sun protection.


  • The seating layout offers comfortable fishability and easy access
  • It has the ideal size for any water condition
  • It is constructed with premium materials
  • It offers excellent comfort and luxury


  • It is on the expensive side
  • Some anglers do not prefer the hybrid model

8. Pursuit OS 385

If you love classic outboard-express features with modern conveniences, the Pursuit OS 385 gives you the best of both worlds. Many tuna anglers gravitate towards this offshore tuna fishing boat for more than just its attraction.

Also, it is rich in hardcore fishing features accompanied by very superior quality construction. This boat offers superb performance in any water condition. Besides that, timeless luxury and styling are appealing to families and fishermen alike. This model features a wide-open cockpit conveniently spacious and a beam 13-foot high creating a friendly fishing environment.

Furthermore, it offers plenty of tackle and rod storage, a 50-gallon Livewell, in-floor insulated fish boxes complete with overboard drains, and a 300-quart freezer. The OS 385 is a worthy upgrade from its predecessor OS 375, featuring a sturdy yet simple hardtop design and a redesigned interior layout.

Moreover, just like every other Pursuit model, the OS S385 offers lasting value and superior quality. With its 70 years’ worth of boat-building experience, we did not expect anything less from this model.


  • It offers a touch of modern conveniences and classic outboard-express features
  • This boat boasts of a high-quality construction process
  • It offers timeless styling and luxury
  • There are several tuna fishing features


  • The storage spaces can be increased


Offshore tuna fishing is a sport and pastime for many people. But without the right boat for the job, it could be a daunting task and an exercise in futility. Thankfully, above are some of the best offshore boats for tuna fishing. They are perfectly designed for offshore fishing adventures.


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