What NOT To Do With Your Hot Tub (17 Tips And Warnings)

A hot tub is one of the most rewarding investments you can make, but you must use it properly and keep it well maintained. Your hot tub treats you right. Please do not do it wrong. So, whether you have a traditional hot tub or one of the portable stubs, it is most likely one of your favorite things.

But this article is not about the numerous fun things you can do in your hot tub; but instead, it outlines the things you should never do with your hot tub because a big part of enjoying your hot tub is staying safe.

Moreover, they come in handy to ensure that your spa is always in excellent condition and ready for soak anytime you need one. With that said, here are 17 Tips What NOT to do with Your hot tub.

1. Do Not Drink Alcohol Or Use Any Drugs

This is all-inclusive, not forgetting your doctor’s prescriptions. You are required to get a green light from your doctor before using the hot tub.

Alcohol, as well as other drugs, are known to cause drowsiness. This feeling, plus the heat from the hot tub, could potentially make you dizzy, if not worse.

What NOT To Do With Your Hot Tub (17 Tips)

Since many people prefer relaxing with an ‘adult’ beverage during their evening soak, you need to be careful not to overindulge.

What you thought would be a peaceful, cozy soak could end up costing your life. The heat from the hot tub will intensify the alcohol effects, and this is a potential risk.

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2. Do Not Submerge With Open Wounds

Maintaining your hot tub regularly and ensuring the chemicals are consistently topped up in the right amounts guarantees that the water is hygienically suitable for general use.

However, this does not mean that you will eliminate all the bacteria. Therefore, submerging into your hot tub with an open wound or cuts could risk an even worse infection.

3. Do Not Dive In Or Jump In Your Hot Tub

Hot tubs differ from swimming pools in many ways, and this means that you should not try out some things permitted in the swimming pool in your hot tub.

Cannonballs and horseplay are strictly frowned upon. Also, diving into the tub poses is a significant risk of injury. It will only take a slight slip in the tub to cause a substantial accident like an arm fracture, head trauma, twisting an ankle, and many others.

Besides the physical dangers of such acts, jumping into the hot tub splashes water, wasting a significant amount of it, and could even lead to damaging the hot tub. The last thing you want is having to replace an entire hot tub when you could have avoided it.

4. Do Not Put Foam, Shampoo, or Bubbles

As enticing as it sounds, it does not. The hot tub was not designed for a bubble bath. The addition of any suds or soaps of any type could damage the tub, and it will cause a dent in your wallet.

Moreover, ensure that you take a shower before soaking in your hot tub. Please do not get in dirty with the hope that it will clean you off.

Remember that the water in a hot tub is not drained as regularly as that in the bathtub. Also, the filters cannot handle much grime.

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5. Do Not Keep The Hot Tub Running If Not Adding Chemicals

Unless you intend on turning your tub into a science experiment, it is not advisable to keep the tub running when not adding chemicals.

It is essential to keep in mind that if you do not maintain the water, the hot tub could quickly become a swamp.

You will be faced with a very disgusting and hard-to-clean mess. Not forgetting the damage you will be causing to the tub itself.

6. No Plastic Wrap

It would be best if you never covered the hot tub with clear plastic or keep it enclosed in a plastic greenhouse. The plastic will magnify the rays of the sun trapping heat. This could melt the insulation cover.

7. Keep The Ice Away

At no point should you leave your hot tub filled with water when the power is off? This should apply especially during the winter and fall seasons. It can also happen in the warmer months. When the water in the tub freezes, it could cause massive damage to the hot tub.

During the warmer months, you are advised to maintain the tub at a steady temperature for enhanced efficiency instead of cooling it after each use. You need not be told how expensive frozen tub repairs are.

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8. Do Not Raise The Temperature Above 104 Degrees Fahrenheit

All the new hot tubs in the market have 104 degrees Fahrenheit as their maximum temperature for a good reason. Anything higher than this is dangerous.

Global safety commissions, dealers, and manufacturers all agree on this, and that is why you should not attempt to set the temperature any higher than this (that is if yours can go beyond 104 degrees). The new hot tubs can only go as high as 104.

9. Do Not Leave Kids Unattended

It would be best if you always kept a close eye on your kid any time they are using the tub. Accidents do happen, and children may not be able to handle different situations, and some adults.

Younger children, in particular, risk drowning in the water, even in just a few inches. So, better safe than sorry. These risks are even worse in a hot tub.

That is because the children could easily get overheated in the tub. Ensure that you monitor them throughout. Another thing is when not in use, ensure that your hot tub is covered and fenced incorrectly.

Children love adventure, and they could sneak in without your notice- help, if needed, may not reach them in time.

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10. Do Not Get In If Pregnant

If you are pregnant, you are advised not to use the hot tub. This is because you are at a greater risk of overheating. Moreover, excessive heat could be dangerous to the unborn baby.

Health experts recommend a temperature of not above 35 degrees Celsius for those using hydrotherapy pools. Some hot tubs could go up to 40 degrees, and you should avoid them at all costs.

11. Do Not Wear Oily Lotions

As earlier mentioned, the filters on hot tubs are limited to handle a small amount of grime. Wearing many skincare products will force the filters to work harder in keeping the tub clean. This could, in turn, affect pH levels.

And that is why you are advised to shower before getting in, as you will get rid of skin cells, sweat, and oily products.

Furthermore, it would be best to shower after the soak to wash off the chemicals and prevent skin irritation.

12. Do Not Get In Without Drinking Water Nearby

Hot tubs are characterized by high heat, and this could make you sweat. When you add alcohol and it being a sunny day, you can quickly get dehydrated.

The common tell-tale signs of dehydration include excessive thirst, a dry mouth, headache, or dizziness.

To prevent getting dehydrated and thus avoid its side effects, ensure that you are adequately hydrated before soaking and always have a water bottle for a top-up.

13. Do Not Stay In Longer Than 30 Minutes

Following the general guidance from hot tub manufacturers, an average adult (who is not pregnant) can soak in a heated hot tub at 37.8 degrees Celsius for 15 to 30 minutes.

If you stay any longer, you risk overheating after experiencing other symptoms like nausea, dizziness, or light-headedness. Moreover, you need to be aware of the weather.

On hot days, you should lower the temperature or reduce the time spent in the tub.

On cold days, ensure that you carefully get out since a sudden drop in temperature could cause dizziness.

14. Do Not Bring Glass To The Hot Tub

Just like the swimming pool, ensure that you keep the glass away from the tub. This will ensure your safety as well as that of others.

15. Do Not Use The Wrong Chemicals

There are many chemicals in the market for hot tubs. You can even find cheap chlorine with a label that states that it is meant for hot tubs and pools, but do not be fooled.

Always go for quality chemicals that are formulated for use in hot tubs. This ensures the proper care for the hot tub.

16. Do Not Wash Your Swimsuit In Soap Before Soaking

You should rinse the swimsuit in water, and that will do. This comes in handy as it prevents the spa water from foaming.

17. Do Not Use It During a Storm

One of the best things about the hot tub is that you can use them all year round. But for your safety, do not use it during a storm. Water and lightning do not mix.


From wearing oily lotions to pouring in a bubble bath- these are things that could be putting you in danger and ruining your hot tub. What NOT to do with Your hot tub (17 tips) list above is essential to ensure your safety and make your hot tub lasts for years; sure, some of these may seem obvious, but they needed to be said. And now that you know better do not miss any chance for a relaxing soak!


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