What Should Never Be Used On a Fish Tank? (The Stunning Truth)

People with fish tanks are very aware of how fun they are. This is because they offer you the chance to educate, enjoy and love watching fish move around in the tank. People often ask themselves what should never be used on a fish tank, which is something you should know about for the safety of your fish.

What should never be used on a fish tank? Should not use harmful chemicals, beach sand, plastic, untreated wood, contaminated hands, sharp objects, wrong fish breeds or anything that is consumable which is not food.

This article provides you with the opportunity to know what should never be used on a fish tank, heath benefits and maintenance tips. This information is crucial to you as it assists you to do the right thing whenever you come across a fish tank. You will not end up doing the wrong things as you are in the know.

What To Avoid Using On a Fish Tank?

When it comes to what should never be used on a fish tank, there are so many things to avoid for the pure state of your fish tank. To keep your fish tank clean and safe, these are the things you need to keep away from it;

1. Untreated Wood

Having wood in the fish tank is not a big deal as long as it is treated. Untreated wood is the problem here as it alters with the water in the fish tank. If you feel you have the desire to have wood in your fish tank, find a hardwood as this will not decompose fast.

What Should Never Be Used On a Fish Tank? (& Maintenance Tips)

2. Contaminated Hands

Hands that are contaminated are what should never be used on a fish tank. This is because you may poison your fish if your hands are not clean and contaminated with toxic compounds or chemicals. Always make sure your hands are extra clean before using them in your fish tank.

3. Plastic

Plastics can release toxic chemicals that can harm your fish and this is why you should avoid having them in the water. If you have to keep any plastic, make sure it does not stay for long in the tank.

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4. Consumable Things That Are Not Food

It is likely for fish to chew things when it comes across something consumable, even if it’s not food. It will still consume it which is the reason why you need to keep such things away from the fish tank.

5. Untreated Sand Soil

Sand is a great substrate to use in your fish tank. All you have to do is to make sure that it is not beach sand, which should never be used on a fish tank. It has so many toxic chemicals that can kill your fish upon consumption.

6. Sharp Objects

Having sharp objects in the fish tank can endanger your fish. These objects may cut your fish and this may lead to serious injuries or the fish getting an infection if you don’t get to notice it fast.

7. Wrong Fish Breeds

When looking for fish to use in your fish tank, always choose the one that you know will fit in the fish tank you have. You cannot buy a large fish when your fish tank is full of small fish breeds and doesn’t have space for a big one. This will be a problem for the others.

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8. Commercial Cleaning Products

When it comes to cleaning your fish tank, keep away from using commercial and bleaching products as they are not safe for the fish tank in case some are not cleaned up completely. These are what should never be used on a fish tank. Clean your fish tank using water and vinegar.

Tips For Fish Tank Maintenance

1. Change Water Weekly

It is recommended that you change the water in the fish tank every week as this way, you protect it from harming the fish. Water that stays too long in the fish tank has so many toxins that will not do your fish any good.

2. Use Automated Tank Equipment

Due to technology, this is possible as you get the opportunity to upgrade the equipment you are using in your fish tank. With the automated equipment, you have functions that assist you to have the environment in the tank stable thus spending less time with maintenance.

3. Have a Maintenance Checklist

With a checklist in hand, you will have an easy time knowing what you have done and what you need to do where maintenance practices are involved. A checklist will assist you to be organized and always have a date for particular tasks of maintenance.

4. Never Go Off Your Feeding Schedule

Make a daily routine of feeding your fish and stick to it. With this routine, you will not forget to feed your fish at any time. It is easy when you stick to feeding your fish by the schedule you have for them.

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5. Test Conditions Of The Water Weekly

It is always a great idea to test your water to be sure of its conditions. Once you have done the tests, always record what you have found out as this will be helpful if you noticed something off with the water.

How To Maintain Water Quality In Your Fish Tank?

The quality of water in your fish tank needs to be outstanding as your fish in the fish tank must get to have the best water quality. This way, you will not harm the fish in any way. The following are ways of maintaining water quality in your fish tank:

1. Maintaining The Filter

A filter does play a crucial role in a fish tank as it does help in the reduction of waste in the tank. Having the habit of inspecting your filter is great as it enables you to know if it is in a good state or not. It is also advisable that you clean your filter using a sponge and never clean the sponges with tap water as the chlorine does damage the filter.

2. Water Changing And Treatment

Change the water frequently to make sure that your fish tank stays clean. Your fish is safe when the water is clean. It is also good that before you put the water in the fish tank you first get to treat it for the safety of your fish. Treat the water in the fish tank every once a week.

3. Testing Water For Conditions

There are conditions needed for the water to be best for the fish. Get to test the condition of water regularly to ensure that it is fit for the fish. You must offer your fish the best conditions.

4. Keep Away From Overfeeding Your Fish

Overfeeding your fish is not a good idea. This is because the fish will not manage to eat it all and the food will decompose, which is not good for the water and the fish tank. Too much food is what should never be used on a fish tank to maintain the water quality.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Fish Tanks?

Having a fish tank comes with several benefits.

1. Quality Sleep

Getting good sleep is vital to the body. This is why you need to find ways to improve the quality of your sleep. Having a fish tank can help you with your sleeping needs as you get to be calm after watching the fish in the fish tank and this will help you fall asleep fast.

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2. Calmness

Fish tanks have a calming outcome which is seen in children suffering from hyperactivity and patients with Alzheimer’s. The moment they get to see the beautiful fish in the fish tank, it makes them calm, and this way, they can be less aggressive and also eat normally.

3. Stress Reduction

Fish tanks offer you something to look at which in turn saves you from thinking of unnecessary things. When watching the fish tank, its beauty soothes you, and you don’t have to worry about anything that is bothering you.

4. Enhances Focus

You should have a fish tank where you are most productive as this will help you be more focused and creative. This means that you will manage to work through the challenges of the day without breaking your calmness.

5. Reducing Anxiety

Anxiety is real especially when someone is not feeling ready for something. This is why you need to have fish tanks in places like hospitals or work to help people out with their anxiousness. The anxiety slips away when you concentrate on the fish tanks and their magnificent nature.


In conclusion, we have learned of what should never be used on a fish tank and gotten to know more about fish tanks. Choose the right size of your fish tank, in this way, you get to be satisfied with it and its magnificence.


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